Thursday Poll: Tribal Prints

It’s no secret that as a brand, Free People has a little infatuation with tribal prints. Right now there are a whole slew of them on our website – popping up in fun and creative ways. I would happily add any of these to my closet, but which is your favorite way to rock ethnic prints? Bathing suit, head band, shorts….you tell us!

(p.s. if you like this trend you should definitely check out our Urban Safari feature in accessories right now!)

Swim: Davia Underwire Bandeau

Outwear: Embellished Vegan Leather Motorcyle Jacket

Intimates: Embroidered Bustier Top

embroidered bustier top

Headwear: Geo Print Turban

geo print turban

Footwear: Hacienda Lace Up Boot

hacienda laceup boot

Bottoms: High Waist Print Short

high waist print short

Bags: Printed Clutch

printed clutch

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8 years ago

They are all SO gorgeous! It’s hard to choose one! Tribal prints just make me want summer more and more.

8 years ago

Glad to see this trend is continuing on through the seasons. Love that it’s so colorful and fun. :)


8 years ago

i really wish so many of free people swimsuits didn’t have high rise bottoms. even the model seems to struggle pulling it off as flattering. i love the print of the one above, but frankly, they look like granny panties, and that’s not attractive on anyone.

8 years ago

LOVE the high waisted bottoms. Sorry Mel I have to disagree with you. I am getting that suit for sure.

Melanie Katherine
8 years ago

I hate high waisted swim bottoms as well…they look adorable on the models and on certain body types but I’m 5’3 and they look RIDICULOUS. But if the come as separates you can always get the top and find a pair of solid matching bottoms! I mix and match all the time. LOVE the Bustier top…getting tired of “vegan leather” though…I know FP wants to be earth friendly but personally I like real leather and I don’t like paying as much for faux as I would for real even if it’s super cute.

8 years ago

Keep it coming with the vegan leather! I don’t care to wear the skin of an animal on my body.

8 years ago

I agree with you, mel, I’m almost 5’9 and a model but I still wouldn’t wear those bikini bottoms. I love high waist if it goes all the way up to the natural waistline or a bit higher, but in-between just makes me look likes frump. I think you need a small waist-hip ratio to pull them off as they widen your hips.