Tunesday: Getting to know Twin Sister!

Sunday the 22nd of January we went to Johnny Brenda’s – a charismatic bar, restaurant and music venue that has a strong presence mainly to do with the amount of awesome bands that sail through there, one being Twin Sister who we managed to catch up with while they sound checked and nibbled on Whiskey doughnuts.

Twin Sister’s pillowy indie pop always brings to me a soft sensation and a dream like feeling. Andrea Estella just has a way of captivating you with her husky drooling voice that makes you feel like you’re on another planet. We spent the afternoon at Johnny Brenda’s playing dress up with Andrea followed by a green room chit chat and some Polaroid action, the day was pretty great and nothing could have finished the day off better than them singing their new album In Heaven live.

Thank you Twin Sister for an amazing day! Check out our exclusive interview below

Andrea wears: Retro Sleeve Dress, Maknes Felt Fedora, Archduchess Platform

Photo credit ~ Nathan Kula



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