Style File: Assistant Graphic Designer

Our Assistant Graphic Designer is fairly new to the company. She came on the scene with a giant smile and quirky style. To my experience, she showed up in a meeting one day with bright points to contribute and a dress that was to die. Graphically, her designs feel fresh. Fashion-wise, she has a cool vintage look and sticks too it. It’s full of tough to replicate, one-of-a-kind items that always come together perfectly. In Free People terms – the Molly style with its own spin – of this tiny, beautiful, and full-of-light character are freshly inspirational. Read on and see what I mean…

Picture 012

Picture 016

Picture 018

Picture 076

Get the look with our High Shores Dress and the Ribbed Long Cashmere Sweater.

Picture 077

Picture 085

Picture 105

Picture 091

Picture 101

Picture 094

Picture 109

Try some sheer ditzy ankle socks like our Mesh Dot Ankle Sock.

Picture 096

Picture 023

We love polka dot dresses! I’m sure you’ve seen the FP ONE Polka Dot Flock Dot House Slip?

Picture 026

Picture 033

Picture 037

Picture 041

Dainty gold rings are current must-have – something tells me this trend is going to last. My two FP favorites here and here.

Picture 046

Picture 050

Picture 054

Picture 059

Picture 062

Picture 064

Picture 067

Picture 069

Love the pink and green combo. Throw a good floral scarf on it like the Oriental Flower Scarf

Picture 072

Get the look with our Crosby Platform.


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She is adorable! Great style. I bet she’s fun to work with!
Savannah Marie


the outfit with the green top is aces!!!


Where is that nantucket whalers tee from? I go there every summer and I am obsessed to say the least!


I am a little obsessed with sweaters and cardigans…so of course i am in love with her cream colored sweater she is wearing with the black dress…..Do you know where she got it???


the bag she is carrying (in the green top & denim cutoffs pics), where can it be purchased? it is to die for & that outfit is ADORABLE!!! love it! <3


i love kellyn <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

i love her style and sweet, happy attitude… it’s contagious!

J. Renee Gillies

Love the Nantucket Whalers tee!! I’m a jewelry designer at Skar Designs on Nantucket. I live here year-round. If you’re ever back for a summer visit stop & see me at my tent at the farmer’s market :)