Office Style: Ginger

Ginger is our spicy FP girl. She loves body con dresses and sexy cutouts. We caught Ginger looks around the office, and couldn’t help but snap the shutter every time we saw the color red. The hue feels sexy and spot on Ginger.

Picture 009

Picture 015

Picture 017

Picture 020

Get the red polka dot dress look with our Tracey Dot Dress.

Picture 019

Picture 008

We love the printed mini dress for a Ginger look – try the Twist and Shout Bodycon in black.

Picture 023

Try the 5 Pkt High Rise Flares for a great red pant

Picture 021

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11 years ago

I was wondering if the red dress in the 4th picture down is a free people dress. It’s absolutely beautiful! Where can I buy one?

11 years ago

yeaaaaah Jude, work those sexy red mom pants