Office Style: Neons and Brights

Fresh neons and loud brights have been popping all over the office lately. We love a good statement neon top and fun bracelets. We’re even scooping up neon computer cases. How do we like it styled? We love pairing the shades back to black so they really pop. Check out how we’re wearing neon for spring.

The FP Vegan Vest!

Picture 011

Picture 021

Picture 031

Neon bracelets!

Picture 029

Get a pop of color in your lace with our French Lace Trim Short

Picture 012

Picture 015

Picture 025

Get the look with our Colored Ankle Crop

Picture 023

Picture 022

Our Feather Tights!

Picture 032

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I’m so into neon right now! Especially neon manis! These looks are all so cool it makes me crave for more :)


I love the highlighter yellow sweater, and Jemma’s outfit!
BTW, when will we know who got the freelance blogging job?


How adorable. I adore everything. The outfits, that cute pink pouch, the bracelets, the tank tops, everything. They are all so stinking cute! <3 I want to go to your store and play with everything. I wish I had one closer to home. Corte Madera is too faraway!

I would like the yellow shoes and sweater.
They are beautiful!


wow free people, I sure hope your quality has increased 3x-5x to match the many many many items you are now offering in the $300-$1000 range. Granted quality has never been your strong point but unique and cute items has always been. I’ve just noticed that your prices are getting higher and higher and this is from a very loyal customer. I was wearing free people long before there were free people stores. Just don’t get to crazy with your markups because I won’t buy from you anymore if the quality of the items that you are selling no longer… Read more »


I totally agree with Katie. I have also have seen your prices rise!! If they go up any more. I went to College for Fashion Design! I also needlepointe, embroider,knit, crochet, quilt, work with all varity of sewing. I can make a pattern, Fashion Illustration, tailoring, sewing and Modeling. I can do it all. I can make so many of your outfit’s and more. I really can do without FP. It is just: I do not have the time. But,if the price’s go any higher-I may just take my saving’s and start-up my own business!!! Don’t you people know that… Read more »


I have to agree with both Katie and Cherieboo. I am a HUGE free people fan, I bought my first thermals about 4 years ago I think and I became instantly hooked (the incredible knits, the details, the sturdiness despite the delicateness, etc.) But things have really changed. Each year the thermals were a little thinner but this year really topped it !!! If you compare a thermal from 3 years ago that has been worn and washed a gazillion times (there’s some slight peeling, at the most), and a new one from this year, the material is WAY WAY… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more with Katie. I’ve worked in various boutiques that sell free people, and in years past the quality and craftmanship of each piece COMPLETELY justified the pricetag. In recent shipments, yeah, the things we have gotten are adorable….but move your elbow the wrong way and the piece is ruined. The thin fabrics, the aweful construction ( I recieved a piece in the mail where the stitching is so far apart, it looks like a fifth grader put it together)…I’m a huge fan, and loyal customer but I’ve started looking elsewhere for the product that free people USED… Read more »


Such a shame – I love, love, LOVE Free People, and can only afford to buy on occasion. I think times must be hard for everyone, including FP, hence any price hikes? The thing with buying FP though, is that you buy something that is gorgeously quirky, following well-thought out designs – which I think people will always find appealing, even if it means peeps like me might be priced out. I know I’ll always come back for more, even if its for the sales rack! x

I slightly hope this isn’t an indication of 80’s style coming back. I still can’t get over the 70’s! I’m not ready to move on ;)


were those peacock tights stolen from modcloth?


@haley: sure looks like it! get them from Modcloth for a little cheaper and better reviews folks!


I’m glad other people are thinking this too- I have been noticing the insane price hikes lately and it is really turning me off of a brand that I have loved for years. I think you guys are going to start losing what was once your target audience here. And I am especially turned off by your Vintage Loves section. You have pair of Lee denim overalls for $328.00, which I could literally find at any goodwill for ten bucks. It’s making me dislike your company because you are coming across as greedy. It also makes me feel like you… Read more »

You guys look so cute!! Love all these looks! I’m so excited to be interning at the URBN home offices this summer and see all this inspiration up close and personal! :)


The peacock tights are everywhere as they are made by a company that sells to many retailers.