New Vintage Tees Now Up Online!

If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s a good vintage tee – we have some amazing new ones up online now, and Jemma, Naomi and I each immediately picked our favorites. It’s so interesting to see which ones each of us were drawn to and why!




I would choose a Harley Davidson vintage tee because some of my favorite memories involve sitting on the back of a motorcycle. I remember the first time I jumped on one as highschooler. It was in Italy, and we rode off for a long drive into the Tuscan country side. There’s nothing like experiencing the world that way. Twisting and winding through open roads. Every scent reaches your nose, the adrenaline pumps, and you feel like the freest thing for miles. Thursday motorcycle rides became a weekly, and necessary, routine while I was living there.

Back in the states I hopped on some more motorcycles from time to time. I even found myself with a boyfriend who had one. Summer rides were our favorite, and if was in a bad mood, “let me take you on motorcycle ride.” Needless to say, I love them & I would definitely choose one of these vintage tees to rock with my skinnies, ankle boots, and leather jacket next time I go for a ride.  :)






Growing up, my Dad had a pretty extensive record and CD collection, and I would frequently pull them off the shelf, examine their covers, and copy them onto cassette tapes so I could listen to them on my tape player. The very first ones I can remember copying from him are the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty and self-titled (Skull and Roses) albums. I don’t know if I was drawn to the music itself, the pretty album artwork, or the name of the band, but it opened up the doors to a world of music and I never looked back. My favorite songs were “Box of Rain,” “Bobby McGee” and “Bertha” – to this day, still three of my favorite Dead songs.

In the years since, I’ve seen the Dead play live (when they came out and opened with Sugar Magnolia I had chills all over my body) and I’ve walked past their house on Ashbury in San Francisco several times, but one thing I never managed to get my hands on is an authentic vintage Grateful Dead tee – so I was pretty stoked to see that we had a few great ones available in vintage loves! I’d wear this one with denim cutoffs and sandals all summer long :)






If I were to pick a vintage tee it would have to be one by The Pretenders. One of my all time favorite movies is Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola – The scene where Scarlett Johansson sings Brass in Pocket at a karaoke booth kills me every time. Whenever I hear that song it brings such lovely feelings, I can’t help but sing it out loud. I’m itching to find a shirt by them, maybe with the launch of our new collection of vintage tees there might be one in there… somewhere!

I would wear this tee with a vegan leather skirt and some high top converses for a laid back rock n roll feel!

Check out our collection of  Vintage Tees.

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Finally, a vintage Grateful Dead tee! Love to hear about one’s love for a band that I have grown to love so much.


You’ve gotta be f@$%in kidding me with the prices on those vintage tees. It goes against just about every single thing those bands stood for. Snatch em’ up suckers.


I have to agree with Ashley- don’t get me wrong,I love this blog and Free People’s style in general…but the cost of that vintage Grateful Dead t-shirt is absolutely outrageous. I know you personally don’t make the prices so it isn’t your fault…but anyone who is a true Dead fan like myself would never buy such a thing. Most would be disgusted because it is clearly highway robbery! It makes me sad because I love Free People’s clothes but I mostly look at your blog and site for ideas. You constantly talk about a free spirited lifestyle but most people… Read more »


Sarah is TOTALLY RIGHT ON! In addition, the products are low quality.


Amen to that sisters!


AMEN to that sisters!!!!