BLDG 25 Blog Makeover!

Welcome to day 1 of the new BLDG 25 Blog! We’re featuring a new design and new content, which has been a thrill for us to create and now launch. We had so much fun concepting and building our new BLDG 25 Blog home. As the days pass, you’ll notice new content areas, we’ll introduce new faces, and will have an array of inspiring guests and contributors to participate in all the fun. The excitement in BLDG 25 is palpable.

One of the first of many additions is Free People Weekly Horoscopes! Tracy Allen, our contributing astrologer, will share astrological blueprints, insightful reflections, and tidbits of wisdom week after week to “amplify our personal myths”, as she thoughtfully puts it. We’re also expanding all content areas, and introducing some new ones, including Beauty, Décor, and Features which will come to you daily, weekly, as often as you can read it really.

The BLDG 25 Blog has always been a place to share the magic of Free People, which in essence, is simply exploring the lives and loves of Free People girls.

A special thanks to our awesome Graphic Design team, who brilliantly came up with the new layout, the blog team and contributors, who conjured up so much new exciting content that we thought our readers would enjoy, and the sweat and focus of our Web team in making all our visions become a reality.

We hope you love it – let us know what you think and leave a comment below :)


Free People

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Wow, love the new makeover. It’s very clean and easy to navigate. The header is also very eye-catching. Definitely a fan of this change :) Excited to see what more you have in store!


looks amazing! can’t wait to dive in!

looks amazing!!!


WOW this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! so clean and fresh!!!!!!!!!


you did a killer job!!!!!!!!


Way to go Free People!!! The blog looks so upscale and cool!!


Looks awedome!!!!!! Can’t wait to share with all the girls


Woa Woa Woa! This looks great guys! What a difference!! Awesome job don’t change a thing!


Layout looks sick! Can’t say I’m a fan of the horoscopes though… kinda lame… and Cosmo-esque..


Change isn’t always a bad thing!


Layout looks great! Thought it would be nice to be able to read through the blog without having to click read more for every post.

Love the new layout! It’s very modern and fun!!!


Love the layout! Horoscopes are studid though… Don’t believe in em.

I have to be honest and say that it will take some getting used to… but so far I love it! I felt like with the last layout, I missed so much stuff if I didn’t check it everyday. LOVE FP!


Spring cleaning – I love it! It’s as though the FP lookbook celebrating white has inspired the blog too. However two small notes: I do miss the direct link to your instagram (unless I’m just missing it?) because those photos are great for style inspiration, and I always liked being able to see the new items that had just become available to buy on FP off to the side. It helped me snag my size before it sold out more than once :) Otherwise beautiful, fresh and free just like your amazing brand!

It looks great, but of course it did! i still loved the old one also



really clean and much easier to navigate! awesome job on the new design!

whoa ! totally caught me off guard here. I’ve been an avid reader for years! looking forward to snooping around the new blog!

It appears that lots of sites/blogs are doing redesigns right now and I don’t mind it at all. I really love how clean the format is. Great job!


I think I miss the old days, this is nice but the the other was better. It fit the aesthetic of free people, it had a breezy free people kinda of feel.


Love the new look! My favorite part is that when you click on “Read More” it EXPANDS instead of directing you to a new page. That is so much easier and allows you to keep on reading onto the next post. A lot of other blogs also only show snippets of their posts to keep it clean, but when you click “Read More” it directs you to a new site, which I don’t like. The content is great, as always, but little things like this really matter too! Great job!

It looks great!! I like that you can either go to the category that interests you the most or just scroll down to see all of the posts like a regular blog. Well done!! Also, I don’t know if it is just me but the pictures seem brighter and more inviting. Kudos!

I love the new layout! How lovely.

I like this…………….