A Look at our Latest Stores

We’ve opened a few new stores in the past month, including our first ever boutiques in Florida, Louisiana and Missouri! I always love seeing photos of our new stores – so much work and creativity goes into each one, and they always have their own special touches that make each one unique. Not to mention, they provide lots of décor inspiration!

Tampa, Florida

These awesome dip dyed umbrellas help set a tropical mood in the store.

Local band The Rose and Zeb Duo performing at our opening event.

The Tampa team made these awesome limited edition tie dye tote bags for opening day!

Something you’ll always need in Florida – sunglasses!

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Kansas City, Missouri


Visit them on Facebook.

New Orleans, Louisiana

How gorgeous is our store on Magazine street in New Orleans? One of my favorite cities!

Delicate flower petals cascade along the walls and frame the windows.

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  1. You guys always have the best window displays and interior design! I love the use of mismatched materials, it creates a lot of character.

  2. I screamed when I saw this entry, my dreams have been answered!! Finally a Free People in my home town Tampa <3 <3 <3

  3. Why wasn’t the new Alabama store included in this? Its beautiful, and its the only one in the state.

  4. dearest fp ladies,
    i know this post is 2 years old, but i am obsessed with your floral mobiles (4th photo from the bottom.) Is it possible to make a diy youtube tutorial for us? pretty please? :)

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