Thursday Poll: Limited Edition Dresses

Our beautiful Limited Edition Dresses have dusted some magic over our homepage this week. Delicate, whimsical dresses designed with softness in mind came to life in our featured lookbook.

The dresses tell stories of their own and are perfect for summer celebrations. If you want to mix it up a little, you can wear them toned down, too — just add a little ruggedness like a leather jacket, your favorite pair of boots, or even converses!

There are four of these beauties — which one is your favorite?

Jill’s Limited Edition Dress

Kristal’s Limited Edition Dress

Ana’s Limited Edition Dress


  1. i like all except the 3rd… but i would buy them all if they weren’t so expensive and i had an event to wear them to..

  2. Im in love with them all! But i’m in love with Kristal’s Limited Edition Dress! I must have it! :)

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