Featured Jewelry Designer: Kris Nations

Our featured jewelry designer this month is Kris Nations, whose work we love for its delicate beauty and bright pops of color.

I love the combination of geometric shapes and lines in the above Montana Arc Earrings with the pop of colorful thread that gives them an artistic, handmade feel. Her pieces have a delicacy to them that makes them light and easy to throw on – not chunky and overbearing as jewelry can tend to be. I think my favorite, however, is the Zodiac Necklace – a simple statement that lets the symbol stand out – and I also love the adorable packaging it comes in.

zodiac necklace

zodiac necklaces

zodiac necklace

Zodiac Necklace

Kris Nations grew up in the southwestern city of El Paso, Texas, and spent many summers traveling through the southwestern region of the United States to various art shows and galleries with her mother, an artist. These years planted the seed for her appreciation of fashion, natural materials and craftsmanship, and she eventually began making her own jewelry with the intent of creating unique accessories that she believes are the key ingredients to creating individual style.

kris nations jewelry

Her inspiration often comes from her friends and family, creating pieces steeped in individual personalities and style – so it makes sense that in 2006 Kris partnered with her sister Kim and together, they continue to design new collections and run daily operations of the business. All Kris Nations Jewelry is made in their studio on the coast just south of San Francisco in Half Moon Bay, CA, where the scenic coast and lush surroundings also inspire their work.

kris nations earrings

Canyon Beaded Hoops

martha hunt

Martha wearing the Quartz Dagger Oval Hoops

Also by Kris Nations: Blue Ridge Necklace, Large Hoop and Star Earrings.

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Wow, those zodiac necklaces are too cute!

definitely ordering a necklace, they are so great!
and you need to feature Tiffany Kunz’s jewelry! :) http://www.tiffanykunzdesign.com/

Kris! How wonderful to read about your jewelry and see how your work has matured. We met over three years ago in a birthing class when pregnant with our firsts. I’ve thought of you off and on wondering if you were able to keep creating through the young years of family life. I’m so happy to see you have! What a beautiful family too.

I’m in love with the kim nations chevron earrings with the blue beads, get me some of those! and, all of the gold is recycled? great featured designer!