Pattie Boyd, Style Icon

Pattie Boyd had a dreamy, girl-next-door look to her that melted people’s hearts back in the ‘60s. The English model and photographer, who at the age of 19 become George Harrison’s wife, was said to have inspired many of the Beatles love songs. Her look consisted of cute miniskirts, short shift dresses, dolly shoes and polka dot hair bands.

Her look was a true inspiration and her beauty even more so.

Pattie Boyd Pattie Boyd

Get her look:

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  1. I love her so much! I’ve read her book 3 times and this definitely made me smile. She’s inspired me to carry my camera everywhere and buy white eyeliner. ha.

  2. Pattie did not marry George when she was 19 she met him when she was 19 but they did not marry until she was 21 and he was 22

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