Saturday DO

DO: buy fresh flowers 

Fresh Flowers

The other week, I had to buy a bouquet of fresh flowers (something I never do) when I made these. After putting the ice cubes together, I was left with a massive bunch, and well, no big vases. What I did happen to have though, is a vintage bottle collection. So I broke apart the flowers and made five little arrangements to scatter about.

My boyfriend might not have thought it was so amazing when I energetically dragged him about the apartment to show all the places I’d planted my little surprises, but they made me so happy I couldn’t help myself. It felt like springtime – giving me that pep you only get around that time of year. Everywhere I looked were beautiful little pops of color. They made the air feel more oxygenated – the light more pure. I can’t explain the energy entirely, but can say that it’s one of happiness

And who said we ever needed a reason to scatter a little happy energy about? Give yourself a treat today, and let nature put an inexplicable life-loving grin on your face. Deck the house out in fresh flowers just because.

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11 years ago

I love buying flowers with no reason… or just pick themfrom my garden ;)

Anyway, this is an great idea!

11 years ago


DIY and more:

11 years ago

beautiful photos… i never take the time to get flowers for my home, i don’t even pick them out of our garden. definitely a “DO” that i need to try.