Saturday DO: Write a poem

Foggy Nature Scene

DO: write a poem

I’ve always been a lover of literature. Throughout high school and college I loaded up on English classes, and joyfully got to reading for homework each day. Books came to me easily, but poetry was a different story. I tried and I tried to like it, but it just never took me over in the same way.

It wasn’t until recently that I started to really appreciate poetry. Ironically, it happened because of the blogging world. I started to follow bloggers like Sophie Ward, Isabelle Kuster, and Neon Gypsy whose words did something to me that I had never experienced. They made poetry into something new, something that I could relate to and appreciate.

Poetry is beauty and rhythm and feeling and words all wrapped into perfect little package. The bow can be tied pristinely, or you can make up your own sort of packaging; there really are no rules. It’s personal expression at its crudest – completely raw and metaphorical for the sake of being beautiful and relaying a feeling.

So the other night I took a stab at it. Feeling inspired, I blurted out some lines, and this is what I came up with:

Seek out all ends of the universe,

Weave through the constellations,

And always looks for more.

Don’t just exist, live.

Allow events to change you,

Ride life like a midnight tide.

Never stop pushing, growing, looking beyond

Don’t just exist, live.

Question for the sake of knowledge

Listen to the whispers in your heart

Don’t just exist, live.

I don’t know why I wrote it, but it’s nice and motivational, right? (This is where you can all start laughing at me for being a nerd.) I think all writing is therapeutic, but there’s something even more so about poetry. It feels like a diary entry – like something in you that wants to come out even if you don’t understand why. It as though poetry is the subconscious’s way of breaking through to the world.  My own knew that I needed something to remind me to keep pushing for the sake of a full life, and it forced itself out through rhythm and words.

Try it for yourself today. You don’t need to show it to anyone or feel funny about what you write. Just put pen to paper and see what you come up with.

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11 years ago

Very beautiful poem and gorgeous pictures! This made my day! :)

11 years ago

She is leaping around a crying tree
allowing color to dance on her skin with the sting of the sun
she has been here for awhile
yet she will leap and never tire
and sing with no air in her lungs
She has come to realize that belief is when someone else does the thinking
so she will think alone
and let each though tangle with each other
until they agree to accede and design her world
she is insisting you do the same.

11 years ago

I did write it. I keep a journal of poems and daily records etc. I have never shared one before, but since I can do so anonymously here, I went for it. So thank you:)

11 years ago

p.s. I started a blog of my own:) -Like a moth to light via:

11 years ago

Michelle – well keep up the good work, I’m glad you felt encouraged. I love the tears you’ve posted on the new blog, but I vote you start putting some writing in there too. I think you could inspire some people ;)

11 years ago

I’m craving to meet whoever is creating this blog! it’s almost as if all my opinions of life is being exploited positively, i feel like this mirrors everything i believe and love. Thank you so much for all your posts, they’ve inspired many of my visual art pieces, i truly respect every message individually and feel i sincerely connect with them. Much love x

11 years ago

Matters you should not discart,
“You that holds my heart”
From the very start, I gave you my heart.
it was the thing with which I did not want to part.
I do so hope you don’t rip it apart.
You that holds my heart.
For it is an art, holding a heart.
Something you cannot chart.
Keep it near not far and safe impart.
For it is an art, you that holds my heart.
It’s something you should take care not to flart.
It’s something that wont just depart.
With the heart, you must embark!
Take heart!
You, that holds my heart.
Together and Apart. . .

You. .That holds my heart.

11 years ago

Someone save me from this false prophet
He preaches from his book of lies
Someone save me from these watching people
They judge me with their harrowing eyes

Someone save me from this pack of burdens
They weigh down with their imagined weight
Someone find the lost martyrs of honesty
They’ve been replaced with ambassadors of hate

Someone remember the meaning of mortality
It lives forgotten in the mind of pride
Someone free the chains of fantasy
It has been bound to perjury’s side

Someone forget themselves for a lifetime
So they might remember themselves in relief
Someone remind the world of it’s ruin
So we might realize a life before the grief