Trend: Hazy Days

We all have an endless summer in our mind and this week’s trend “Hazy Days” emphasizes the all-day-at-the-beach feeling. You wake up and head to the ocean in the lightest and comfiest of clothes.

Your denims and knits become a little bleached by the strength of the sun’s glow and your hair is all salty and beachy — these are the days that scream summer.

Hazy Days is all about sun-drenched denims and washed knits — a perfect transition idea from morning to night on the ocean shore.

hazy daysProduct: Sophie’s Sweet Tee Dress, Breastplate Necklace, Caitlyn Gladiator Sandal

hazy days

Hazy Days Product: Mad Cool Skirt, Crinkle Crescent Necklace, We The Free Crochet Pieced Tank

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  1. Yeah, I have noticed a lot of these “Hazy Days” type pictures in magazines over the past couple of months. Always makes me want to leave the office and go to the beach!

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