Blogger Diary: Home is a Feeling, Not a Place

Moving to a brand new place is hard. Like, really hard. The physical aspect is exhausting but doable, but emotionally? Holy cow. Since moving to Philly three months ago for this (dream) job, my mind has been all over the place. I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m excited, I’m lonely, I’m relaxed, I’m stressed, I’m bored, I’m having fun… it all comes down to one general feeling: unsettlement. I’m not the type of person who needs an every day routine — I actually prefer to mix things up — but having a place to call home has always been something I highly value. And since everything around me still feels so new, home is not a feeling I’d yet felt… until this past weekend.

I’ve always believed that home is more of a feeling than it is a place, and this past weekend it proved to be so true. Three of my friends from New York came to stay with me for the weekend. The four of us hadn’t been together for months, so it was such an amazing feeling for our four (completely different) personalities to come together as one. On paper, our weekend sounds like a typical “girls weekend” — talking, laughing, shopping, eating… but to me, this past weekend meant so much more. This past weekend, Philly felt like home. The sheer presence of these girls in my new city gave me a feeling of comfort here that was totally new to me. They brought life and energy to my sometimes lonely apartment and made me realize that I’m not going to feel unsettled forever. Home is a feeling, not a place, and I can truly say that now I’m finally starting to feel it.

Girls Hanging Out on Bed

Girls Hanging Out

Girls Hanging Out

Girls Hanging Out

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8 years ago

I feel you, girl. Familiarity is something I’m really yearning for these days, especially since leaving the east coast for the southwest. Thanks for the post!

8 years ago

oh yeeah i totally know what you mean :)

8 years ago

Good girlfriends are the essence of life!

3 years ago

Hi Brigette, absolutely loved your article! Especially the part with the physical exhaustion. No one really mentions that, ever.
I wrote a book about feeling at home and how hard it can be to keep leaving places.
It’s called “Are You At Home Yet? A journey of searching for the right place”.
Would love you to have a look at it, it’s available on Amazon :)