Firefly Festival’s Coolest Camping Setup

For those of you who like to camp at festivals, what’s your camping setup like? I’ll tell you exactly what mine was over the weekend at Firefly: a pillow-and-blanket overload in the back of an empty minivan. I didn’t even set up my tent. I thought it was so awesome, but then I met a couple with a camping setup that trumped mine without a doubt.

Tony and Corinne are about halfway through a 7-week road trip that began in San Diego. They’re making stops at every national park possible (and apparently music festivals, too!) and camping along the way. The thing that makes their camping setup so unique is not the exactly tent in which they sleep, but what happens to be overhead: real life mesh army netting. I was originally drawn to the way the netting looked, but when I found out that this stuff is actually used by the army, I was even more intrigued! What’s more – the netting actually blocks 40% of the sunlight that shines on it! And it doesn’t stop there. The couple has an even bigger net that they throw on TOP of this one to offer themselves even more shade – so while everyone else is waking up sweating at 5am because their tents (or, ahem, cars) are way too hot, Tony and Corinne are sleeping peacefully, getting all the rest they need for the next day of their journey!

Mesh Army Netting


Mesh Army Netting Camp Setup Mesh Army Netting Camp SetupMesh Army Netting

I’d love to use some of that netting to make a tent in the woods!

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  1. This is so great…a new feature on free people blogs along with the beautiful festival styles girls wear should be the coolest campsites. I was at Gathering of the Vibes this past weekend and there were some really great campsites! Lots of glorious tapestries and plenty of space to hoop!

  2. We used to use the netting for decorating at church camps and making forts when we were little! Its been around FOREVER!! Love it

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