Poll: Light vs Dark

Our July catalog celebrates the light side versus the dark. I feel we all have both of these in different ways, but which side are you leaning more towards in terms of style and fashion?

For me, it’s definitely the light!

Look One


Dip Dye Tunic

Look Two

Aline Weber

We the Free Patchup Sleeve Pullover, Denim Studded Vest

Look Three

Karlie Kloss

Kombucha Cuff Thermal, Crystal Hoop Necklace

Look Four

Aline Weber

Ruffles Verse Party Dress, Rugby Stripe Sweater


  1. I LOVE these looks & their makeup! Free people should put up a tutorial in the beauty section of the blog!

  2. can you to a tutorial for the hair for this magazine shoot… the messiness.. the single braid.. the straight but not straight hair ~ it seems easy in theory but if i tried to make my hair loook like this right now itd would be an epic fail. i’m sure its super simple though.. thanks FP! awesome issue ~

  3. I agree. I’d love a tutorial on the hair styling from this catalog/shoot and the makeup also. It was gorgeous

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