Dip Dye Hair And Why We Love It!

To coincide with our Wash Shop this week we thought we’d show you some color-washed hairstyles we love lately. Dip dying your hair has been a running trend for quite some time now, and the look has us hooked every time we see it. Dipping strands of your hair into colors gives a magical/fantasy look… like you’ve stepped into a make believe world for a while and had some magic poured on you.My favorite way to do this look is subtly at the ends in pastel tones like pink, baby blue and lilac and I love the idea of having it contrast with colors of the fall, with your favorite knitted sweaters and coats. Hopefully soon we’ll be giving a tutorial on how to create rainbows in your hair.

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dip dye hair

dip dye hair

dip dye hair

dip dye hair

dip dye hair

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  1. I dip dyed my red hair pink in January..and if you look very closely you can still see a tiny shade of pink :) it lasts forever…

  2. I love the rainbow look! I dip dyed my hair purplish pink a few days ago and I love it, but I would love to learn how to do rainbow, especially the washed out look like in your July 2011 catalogue.

  3. I heard you can get the faded look by mixing the dye with conditioner, assuming it is a vegetable dye.

  4. Hi Sheba, there’s a number of products out there that you can use from permanent colors to temporary, if you have dark hair, it usually involves lightening the strands first so the colors show. If you’re scared to use color you can always try hair chalk to test it out to see if you like it http://www.haircolorchalk.com/

  5. If you are in the area, Free People Birmingham is having a complimentary hair chalking event in honor of Fashion Night Out on September 6th @ 6-8:30pm! Come join us silly! <3

  6. I just used Blick, and it looks really good. but more vibrant on the bleached parts. For the hair at the top of this page, I got pretty close to matching the color with Turquoise Green 721, Vermillion 82, and Carmine 52. If I had a yellow as well, and a pinker-red, it would have been closer, but it’s pretty awesome as-is.

  7. I did this in the summer, I have fairly dark hair so got the bottom inch and a bit bleached to a dark blonde colour, and at the salon that bleached it I got it dip dyed turquoise. That was splat colour, lasted as a dark colour for a week, (3 washes) then a pale green for another week. After that I used directions in flamingo pink, lasted for ages! After 2 weeks it was still pretty bright, and I decided to use it to dye the underneath of my hair pink, without bleaching first. I put the dye in and left it on for 6 hours, then rinsed it out, on my unbleached hair it lasted a week and a half, but the bleached ends were still pink a month and a half later! The dye said 4-8 washes! I ended up having to hide my ends for school. I also tried directions lagoon blue, which lasted about 3 days, so it does vary from colour to colour

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