How To Make Edible Lip Scrub

Have soft kisses and make your lips feel wonderful. Lip scrub is a great way to get rid of any dead skin or rough patches on your lips and make them smooth again. I always have a bad habit of licking my lips… in air conditioned buildings, when it’s hot outside and when it’s cold – it makes my lips so dry. I often have to exfoliate them and the way I do it is with a homemade remedy; a sugar and peppermint lip scrub that’s tasty as well as refreshing.

Here’s how to make it:


Olive oil or jojoba oil


Peppermint oil

In a little cup – I always use my favorite peacock egg holder – put in a little olive oil.

edible lip scrub

Then add some sugar to make a consistency that isn’t too runny – about the same consistency you’d find in a body scrub.

edible lip scrub

Add a couple of drops of peppermint oil and mix together.

edible lip scrub

Then put a little on your finger and rub gently onto lips. Lick the ingredients off to stop a sweet craving and you should have super soft lips by the end of it. If your lips are feeling a little dry, try this at home – it should help.



  1. Can you change out the oil type from peppermint to other choices without having a negative effect on the outcome?

  2. Hi Leisa, if you don’t like peppermint oil you could try vanilla extract, or I heard that mango, lime or lemon flavored oil is also good

  3. I’m definitely making this tomorrow…but ill probably try vanilla extract I don’t know where to get peppermint oil

  4. Emily raw sugar may be to abrasive for your lips which could result in raw skin.. Stick to regular granulated sugar.

  5. I love doing lip scrubs since they make my lips feel great (though I’ve never added an essential oil to it before), but I can attest to not rubbing too hard when doing these. Or not having overly dry/raw lips when you do one. A person could develop a blister on their lip if they do a lip scrub under these conditions. Sadly yes, I am speaking from experience. Just putting my word of caution out there ;)
    Also, I find using brown sugar is the best. It feels less abrasive compared the granulated sugar. Anyway, thanks for the idea of using peppermint oil. Now I have even more of an excuse to go to our local health food store!

  6. I’m trying the avacado, egg white, and olive oil mask for my hair as we speak! =-) I will let you know how it well it works for my hair!

  7. If anyone wants to know how to get rid of blemishes fast then you need try the egg white mask! Its absolutely amazing I use it once or twice a month and it works wonders for my skin. It works well as a skin brightener too! I take one egg and seperate the egg white from the yolk. Then I mix the egg white until it has a frothy look to it, and then I slather it all over my face and leave it on for 20-25 min or until dry. You’re skin will feel really tight and fresh after. It makes your pores smaller too! Make sure to moisturize after because the egg white tend to dry out your skin.

  8. How long can this scrub last? If i make this today, how many days can I keep it and use it? Will it ever go bad? Is it a one use type of thing?

  9. Emma, from my own experience with sugar scrubs, I find that they do not last very long as opposed to salt scrubs. Salt scrubs do not go rancid very quickly and I find can last for months, whereas the sugar scrubs I would use less than two weeks. If you must, make small batches that you know you can use quickly, and just make more when you run out. Smaller batches are also good for trying out new recipes! Hope that helps.

  10. I’ve had a go at playing around and found that mixing castor sugar, toasted sesame oil, semolina, vanilla essence and a little salt. It makes an edible lip scrub that is very similar to the popcorn one in lush and only costs pennies to make!

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  12. Tried this tonight in Tucson and it felt and tasted amazing!!! Thank you so much! (I used the vanilla extract)

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