Lingerie From 600 Years Ago…

UPDATE: This was previously run on July 20th but we the launch of our intimates e-back we thought we’d bring it back to show some history behind lingerie.

This week there has been some surprising news in the history of fashion revealed… Lingerie has been found from 600 years ago?! It has shocked many and has totally rewritten the history of lingerie Fashion.

When I first came across this article on The Guardian I was in awe of these beautiful creations – destructed, rugged, vintage pieces always catch my attention, but when I found out that these skimpy lingerie pieces were from 600 years ago, I had to blink twice. Did women really wear this style back then? Styles that fit in perfectly in the 21st century, were actually around 600 years ago?!

Although they show a strong state of decay, they both resemble the shapes of popular lingerie of today; string briefs and a fitted cupped bra. I always believed that women of that time wore a smock or chemise but apparently not.

I find these incredibly exciting, it has changed the way we thought the ladies from the  Middle Ages dressed and has now open the door of curiosity

The lingerie piece was found in a vault in Lengberg Castle in East Tyrol, Austria, aren’t they magnificent?



Lingerie similar in this modern world


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  1. I saw this in my local paper, and found it totally amazing how minds thought the same way even 600 years ago… for Medieval Times it still looks rather comfy/flattering!

  2. great article!
    i live in east tyrol, austria and it was really surprising. it’s awesome, that one of my favourite blogs writes about it. thx a lot! :)

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