Poll: Which Oversized Bag Would You Carry Everywhere?

“Are you going on a road trip anytime soon? Why such a big bag?” These are questions I often get asked.

I always like to carry a big bag with me wherever I go. I don’t know why, but I always feel like I need to carry my life along with me, because who knows… you might end up going on an unexpected adventure somewhere.  If you were to carry a good size bag with you daily, which one would you choose?

Bag One: The Cario Distressed Backpack

Cario Distressed Backpack

Bag Two: Marlow Studded Backpack


Bag Three: India Tapestry Tote


Bag Four: Anglo Tote


Bag Five: Mora Woven Tote



  1. They are all lovely, especially #1, and #3, but I would not want any of them because they are all made with leather. I’m getting pretty disgusted with the way we use and eat the cow – very harmful for the environment, very harmful for our own personal health – and it is unnecessarily cruel to another living creature – but hey, the bags are really cute – and we must have our vanity.

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