Poll: Are You Rad For Plaid?

Our trend this week “Rad in Plaid” is the perfect example of 90’s grunge made modern. Multiple layers create interesting silhouettes, while prints and textures clash with each other.

Plaid has that cozy factor and is a cool choice to lead your way into fall with. We love all these looks, but which one do you like best?

Look One

Product: Checked Shirt Scarf, Tucson Poncho, Sheer Floral Buttondown Top, Rose Garden Dress

rad in plaid

Look Two

Product: Aurora Washed Tee, Floral Print Denim Jacket, Call of the Wild Fur Vest, Plaid Slouchy Trousers, Studded Ryder Boot

rad in plaid

Look Three:

Product: Wooly Officer Coat, Open Stitch Cable Pullover, Prairie Mesh Dress, Portland Plaid Backpack

rad in plaid

Look Four

Product: Bow Intarsia Beanie, Checked Shirt Scarf, Jenna Leigh Army Dress, Chunky Cable Pullover, Sheer Floral Bottoms, Rockley Cut Out Wedge

rad in plaid

Look Five

Product: Plaid Pullover, Fur Hooded Parka, 5 Pocket Railored Slim Slouch Jean, Studded Seattle Love Boot

Rad in plaid

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  1. Could the beauty section of the blog do a video on the hair and makeup for this?
    it’s so cute and tough at the same tme!

  2. I love post #3. I really like the sweater and dress. I’m drawn in by anything with fine lace. And some intricate crochet tops or dresses.

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