3 Ways To Wear Our Fall Scarves

Fall. Yep, it’s almost here and the selection of scarves online right now is growing. Come fall, a scarf becomes an essential. It’s just an easy item that you can throw on top of lightweight tops to keep the little chill away. From a decorative light embroidered scarf to wrap around your t-shirts to a heavier knitted poncho that can be thrown over your shoulders or made more fitted with a belt, we went through our scarves and found three that we wouldn’t mind wearing this fall.

The Trekker Poncho with its autumnal colours is heavy knitted with tassel details. We love it with jeans and just thrown on or made into a sort of jacket with a belt wrapped around it to hold its shape. It’s cozy and warm.

trekker poncho

Make your basic more interesting with the Leather Fringe Scarf. It’s vibrant and has a woven wool blend that’s soft and warm. It gives a lovely contrast when you wear it with a black coat or leather jacket and it also looks good with denim shirts if you just want to wear it now.

free people scarf

Free People Scarf

When wearing a basic white tee we always love adding a bit of texture and colour to make it come to life. The Gaia Loop Scarf is perfect to wear with white tops – throw on some jeans and you have an easy cool outfit where your neck stays nice and snug. It’s one continuous loop, so all you have to do is wrap it around your neck a few times – you never have to worry about it coming undone.

free people scarf

Be ready for fall and have a good scarf !

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11 years ago

I really like the 1st look, but whenever I try to do it it doesn’t come out quite right. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it by winter. I’m determined to.

11 years ago

Love these! I also love the white top. Any chance it’s from FP?