Our Shoe Trend “Out West”

Whenever I think of “out west,” dirty roads, dusty denims and hard boots that were made for walking for miles come to mind. I think of long journeys, a cool attitude and a never-ending story. Our shoe trend this week provokes the spirit of the Wild West.It’s about cowboy-inspired ankle boots with details that make them modern for now. The idea is to wear them with your favorite denims that you never want to take off, roll up the cuffs at the bottom of the jeans and let the boots do the talking.

Long prairie-style dress that sweep the floor show a glimpse of the boot underneath, catching your eye to let you know this girl was made for walking until the end of time, seeking adventures where they will be.

Here are a few ways that we would wear out “out west” style boots.

Check out our Out West Trend here

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11 years ago

This is one of my FAVORITE trends for fall. I’ve always been a big fan of leather boots, but FP does them right. :) – Alison { http://aliology.com }