Album We Love: Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill

Following up their spring release, Americana, Neil Young & Crazy Horse are back with a new album of rocking tunes titled Psychedelic Pill. Whereas Americana consisted of covers of traditional American folk songs, Psychedelic Pill is classic Neil and Crazy Horse, with the 25 minute long opening track “Driftin’ Back” setting the pace for an album of classic rock, lengthy jam sessions and stinging guitar. It’s exactly what Neil has always been so good at doing and why he is such a legend. His longer songs are like stories, stretched out across musical landscapes, taking you on a journey that can go on as long as he wants it to.  The title track, “Psychedelic Pill”, is much shorter, packing all its psychedelic punch into just three and a half minutes of rock. “Walk Like A Giant”, another long tune, sucks you in with its melodic electric guitar and whistling, and “She’s Always Dancing” is one of my favorites so far. Sample them below, and if you’re lucky you can catch him on tour this fall with support from fellow legend Patti Smith – they play in Philly on November 29th.

neil young


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