Christmas Lights From Around The World

 Lights from Barcelona

Every year I look forward to cities turning on their Christmas lights. It makes me feel all festive and happy and brings a coating of magic over the streets. For me, it kicks off Christmas and puts an extra bit of enjoyment to going out and shopping for gifts, and relieves some of the stress.

Around the world, cites light up with twinkles and beautiful colors, some are extravagant, some are delicate, and some and just purely simple and pretty. It’s incredible how they create such a strong sense of enchantment.

Here are some photos from Christmas lights around the world, have you seen any spectacular ones?

Disneyland Paris

Seoul Plaza

London Oxford Street

Johnson City, Texas

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10 years ago


10 years ago

almost gasped at the TREE lights pic…’till i saw it was Johnson City, where my Dad has taken me every yr. so pretty…
if you’re from austin, it’s the best time of yr to go antique shopping in fredericksburg…you’ll pass right through johnson city on your way :)

Thanks so much for posting FREE PEOPLE <3