How We Wear Maxi Skirts & Oversized Tees

One of our favorite silhouettes this season is pairing a maxi skirt with an oversized tee, something I was immediately on board with. The long, layered shape it creates has an easy cool factor and looks both comfortable and stylish. When wearing a really oversized top, we like pairing it back to a less bulky maxi skirt to keep the shape streamlined and not too heavy with fabric.  Here’s how Brigette and I would wear maxis and oversized shirts – would you wear this silhouette?

plaid maxi skirt

maxi skirt and oversized tee

I paired the Cameron Plaid Maxi Skirt with the Big Dipper Oversized Tee, and I can honestly say this is one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever worn, and officially all I want to wear it all winter long.  This skirt has a more streamlined shape that works well with the top, and the big dipper tee has slits on the side that also help make this combination a bit lighter. I paired this outfit with the Studded Seattle Love Boot, Slouchy Beanie, and Santa Maria Cross Pendant – and of course, Marley!

velvet maxi

velvet maxi

velvet maxi

You can get this shape with a maxi dress as well – Brigette paired the Velvet Gown Slip with the Billie Jean Thermal, Clipperton Fedora, and Spellbound Ankle Boot for a look that could easily work during the day or for a night out. Layer with tights, tall socks, and a chunky scarf for added warmth!


Would you wear maxi skirts and oversized tees?

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Photos by Brigette & Julia.


  1. Not loving this look. Just too much fabric, it’s hard to see that there is actually a person in there. She looks like she is being eaten by a pile of clothes. Probably warm but have to pass on this one.

  2. I think both of these outfits are gorgeous! Especially the second one, featuring the velvet dress! Unfortunately, being a short and curvy girl, I could never pull these off!

  3. Yeah… not really going for the first one at all. The second one is cute though, probably more likely to look good if you’re skinny to begin with like Elizabeth said. I think the key is to have column like maxi skirt. You can’t have both of the pieces be too oversized. Unless you’re a tent.

  4. i love both of these looks…. Its all about making the proportions work for your own body…. not everyone will be able to wear this much material. If it works – go for it!! Im copying this look today!

  5. i like both of these looks! SOO comfy and interesting!! the second one looks more sleek and a bit more cute though. the first look is daring- you need PARTICULAR pieces to pull of this look.. with out looking like a dumpy street bag woman.. it kind of goes along the line of that rule…. “if you wear a short skirt then it’s best to rock a longer top … if you wear a long skirt then don’t wear a long top too. ” but personally loving to break the rules myself-#1 does a extra long top and bottom~ i think using a light color for the top, and a dark(er) or heavily patterned skirt does the trick and makes it work!
    + the addition of a loose belt with the shirt pulled through and draped over with some long necklaces would pull look#1 together nicely and give it more body -lesser the “dumpyness” “bag lady” look … :)
    love the post! thanks FP! your blog is always a daily source of inspiration .. all around! but love the fashion posts mostly ..

  6. Love this post! Good thing I live in Iowa, where fashion of this caliber is not much appreciated… ;) Anyways, you girls look lovely, and Brigette — not to put you on the spot or anything, but why are you hiding? You have such a gorgeous face!

  7. Err I don’t think I’d like this very much being 5’1 but even if you’re short, go for it. Maybe I’d try it with a black maxi skirt.

  8. Hahah Teah, you are too sweet!! I feel SO awkward in front of the lens, it’s so much easier just to look down.. but THANK YOU! And I hope you dress the way you love, even if it’s not really understood where you live – give them something to talk about! :)

  9. I can dig it. I think what would make it even chicer (is that even a word??) is a nice belt cinching over the sweater/tee, around where the hip and waist meet. Hah, i hope that makes sense. It would give it so much more form!! although don’t get me wrong…i love me some breeze room

  10. Theoretically, it’s a lovely idea because who wouldn’t want to feel comfy? I mean, vanity doesn’t always trump sanity but I’d personally veer far away from anything of this nature because (a) there isn’t much of a silhouette and the form looks rather unflattering; and (b) it would utterly overwhelm someone petite and/or vertically challenged. I’m 5’1″ and this loose, overtly layered look would drown me. That said, however, I’m positive anyone above 5’5″ could pull this off easily and with panache :)

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