3 Ways To Wear A Lace Maxi Skirt

UPDATE: This post previously ran on November the 14th but because we love this skirts so much, we wanted to bring it back.

Here at Free People we love statement maxi skirts, and when our Annie Oakley Lace Skirt came online it melted our hearts. We know that statement skirts can be quite overwhelming and can often be tricky items to style. Of course, if you’re going to invest in something you want to have multiple ways to wear it, right?

We believe that this skirt is perfect for all year-round; winter, spring, summer, and fall. As we are now fully falling into winter we want to show you 3 simple ways we would style this ever-so-pretty maxi skirt.

For A Holiday Party

Style the skirt with a pretty, tight-fitting top like our FP One Glam Bra that will add a little sparkle, some statement jewelry like Sahari Horn Pendant, and then add some cool boots like our Myth Back Zip Boot to give the pretty outfit some attitude.

For A Winter’s Stroll

Layer the skirt with a knitted sweater like our We The Free Studded Cable Knit and a cozy Loop Knit Scarf, then wander into the winter forests.

For An Everyday Basic Look

Team the skirt with a basic black top like our Sheer Rib Layering Top for a nice contrast and a cool hat like our Clipperton Fedora and walk around like a woman of the frontier.

3 Simple ways to wear our Statement Annie Oakley Lace Maxi Skirt

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beautiful skirt…love the styling tips!


please make this in black!


Erica it does come in black. They just only showed the white…

Wow really loving the photos here. Beautiful.


you guys sure are doubling up on the blog posts a lot…

This beautiful maxi skirt looks fabulous in motion. Good idea to post the .gif file with the model walking. How do you find wearing the skirt with some Oxford or Mary Jane shoes? Can these items go together?


Very beautiful! The layered fabric of the lace skirt reminds me of designer called “Naturally Bohemian”…If you have never heard of her look her up, i know FP would LOVE her clothing!


I bought this skirt after seeing it online, but it is quite a bit more peach than ivory. I have been struggling to find the perfect color to go with it. Denim is nice, but a little too much the cowgirl look. Does anyone know if there is a way to dye it more ivory? Or perhaps a washing technique that will help?