Artwork We Love: Paintings By Amy Hamilton

I’ve been eyeing up Amy Hamilton’s prints on Society 6 for some time now… I love her style and use of color, and especially her subject matter. The paintings feel somewhat wintry and perhaps that’s why I feel like they’d be most at home adorning the walls of a cabin deep in the woods hidden among blankets of snow and lit by a fireplace.  I would love to own some of these… I think the wolf below is my favorite, which one do you like best?

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

amy hamilton

Go see more of her work here.

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I love it!!! What a unique style and I agree that they belong somewhere in the wooden cabin. Love the wolf and baby dear!

Beautiful! Love the feathered headdress! Also, the deer’s antlers dripping upward – very clever.


These are beautiful! I love the First Nation people theme and the dripping antlers. These are absolutely gorgeous, I love the realism in it, along with the paint spots all over. These are gorgeous, I’ve always loved paintings like these.


These are so pretty! My favorite is definitely the baby deer


THANKS Free People! I just discovered the perfect new artwork for my bare bedroom wall. Love these.

I am completely mesmerized by these! They are amazing! Gorgeous!

I like the way she uses brush strokes and water color, so beautiful! and I’m in love with Society6 so many cool artists on there!

I have a wolf & wolf-dog refuge in Tijeras, NM called Wanagi Wolf Rescue.
My cousin in Brooklyn just sent this to me to see the wolves…I am sure glad she did!
How beautiful & majestic. I wish the artist would come out this way & paint the members of my pack.
What talent!


These are amazing

So sweet, the first one is my fave!