How To Wear A Mini Skirt

I have been a mini skirt enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I view mini skirts the way most people view a pair of jeans. If I have nothing to wear or if I’m in a rush, I just throw on a black mini and a flowy top and I’m all set. It’s easy to feel intimidated by their lack of coverage, but with the right styling, anyone can pull off a mini skirt! Here’s the key: It’s all about balance.

The mini

Styling A Mini Skirt

Mini skirts come in lots of shapes and sizes. You can get ‘em with patterns or without, and they’re all awesome. My go-to mini skirts are usually solid, dark colors in a tight column shape – which might be a huge surprise, considering my overall girly, lacy, flowy style. Just because it’s a mini skirt, doesn’t mean it has to be the shortest thing in the world. Choose one that makes you feel good to wear. Today I went with our Wild West Mini Skirt. It’s simple yet has awesome corset-style detail on the sides – and I love that the back is just a tad longer than the front. Also, it’s stretchy. This thing has it all!

The top

Styling A Mini Skirt

As I said, styling a mini is all about balance. Since the skirt is tiny and tight, I went with a top that’s flowy and oversized. Our Axel Caplet Boxy Long Sleeve Tee is the perfect match. It’s the perfect size to offset the itty-bittiness of the skirt. Like the skirt, the tee is simple, but with fun cutwork detail in the back for a little added interest.

The shoes

Styling A Mini Skirt

Styling A Mini Skirt

In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with shoes when you’re wearing a mini. Mini skirts look awesome with Chucks, platforms, over-the-knee boots – you name it. I’m an ankle boot girl, so that’s exactly what I went with today. I chose our Distressed Collins Boot (an FP exclusive!!) because their short height emphasizes the fact that I’m wearing a mini skirt. Plus, the buckle detail is just incredible.

The jewels

Styling A Mini Skirt

Styling A Mini Skirt

Since this outfit is pretty simple in terms of color and texture, I wanted to add some interest in the form of jewelry. I layered some necklaces like the Sunno Spike Necklace, added a couple of dainty bracelets like the Arrow Cuff, and put on a novelty midi ring for the final touch! Simpler outfits call for more jewelry. It’s all about balance!

Styling A Mini Skirt

Photos by Julia and Brigette.

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I love mini skirts too however I have always believed that certain body shapes should avoid them. I think pear shapes and other people with big thighs look awful in minis and anything else that falls above their knee….

I’ve never really thought that I could wear minis without looking like a little border line skank-like, but I think that the balancing concept here really neutralizes the shortness and the tightness, making it wearable and appropriate.


I love mini skirts too, however, I believe some people should keep certain comments to themselves especially when it’s irrelevant to this blog post. This is about fashion, not about body image.

I’ve also found that wearing tights/leggings in the same color as your mini skirt helps it from looking too short. Perfect!


Brava Kim! Thanks for making this post positive again, and for refusing to sit back and do nothing in the face of body shaming.


hey i hate the shoes


i only love the tights but everything else is ugly


Pear-shaped girl here to say that I look extra bootyliscious in minis, and that you should wear whatever makes you feel good. :)


I’ve always loved mini skirts especially bolder ones like the Rattlesnake mini skirt. I agree balance is everything, and posture. Ladies need to keep their legs together in a skirt sadly half the girls in my school havn’t learned this rule.

I wish I had your legs!!!!! I am short and I always have to work hard to stop my legs from getting chunky… despite this, I can make a mini work for me with the right shoes, etc. The tall socks from FP are a real winner, they instantly lengthen your legs. And to my surprise, the super tall boots from J. Campbell that you sell (Joe and Johnny) work for me; I thought my legs would be too short but these boots are totally awesome on anyone, I think!!

Hello,just wanted to tell you,I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!