Blogger Picks: What We’re Wearing New Year’s Eve

Whenever us bloggers do posts in which we select our favorite pieces or style outfits, it always strikes me how different our personal styles are. Brigette has a very girly style that typically involves lots of layers, neutral tones, and lace, Jemma’s style is classic and vintage, with lots of unique blouses or dresses and fedoras, and my style is very laid back and casual, almost always topped off with beanie or hat of some sort. So with New Year’s Eve coming up I thought it would be interesting to see what each of us would wear if given free reign in our web studio! What are you wearing New Year’s Eve? Let us know in the comments!

new year's eve style

new year's eve style

Brigette’s Outfit: Seamless Mini, Phoenix Sweater Tunic, Speckled Spun Tall Sock, Bella Moon Headpiece.

new year's eve style

new year's eve style

new year's eve style

Jemma’s Outfit: Love and Lace Top, Studded Vegan Leather Short, Clipperton Fedora, Black Opaque Tight.

new year's eve style

new year's eve style

new year's eve style

Julia’s Outfit: Up Down Mini Kisses Skirt, Keep Me Tee, Kuchy Horizontal Belt, Santa Maria Cross Pendant, Leather Wrap Crystal Pendant, Birth Stone and Zodiac Rosary, Hard Bangle Set, Coyote Finger Cuff, Filigree Cut Stone Ring, Slouchy Beanie, Kadence Military Boot, Black Opaque Tight.

Photos by Julia and Brigette.

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I love all 3 styles SO much!!! Me, I am going with something similar to Julia! I am having a dinner party at my house. If I was going somewhere glamorous, I would wear my Shimmy Shimmy dress!

ooohh, too tough to call – LOVE all three! I am wearing a vintage sequin dress, it’s sort of fuschia but not really. It is a classic vintage 50’s cocktail dress, wearing it with boots so it’s more me :D
Happy Friday Ladies…


Cute!! :-) hey where was the new January catalog shot?? When does it drop?
Can’t wait!!! New 2013 catalog :-) :-)

All very cute outfits.


I love Jemma’s outfit the best. I havn’t got any where special to go so I will probably wear a nice t shirt and some skinny jeans.

Holy cow I love love love Brigette’s shoes! Where can I get some like them?


Jemma’s is my favorite. I’m just wearing a circle dress with a very loud leopard and floral print on it, a sparkly skinny belt, forest green opaque tights and some brown boots.


Where are Bridgette’s sandals from?!

I am absolutely in LOVE with Jemma’s shorts and Brigette’s headpiece. This shoot is really lovely.

where can I can the sandals?



It’s sort of fuchsia but not really. New updated post hurry.


wearing the blue embellished tulle slip with a skirt underneath and a pair of knee high socks!!!

I haven’t got anywhere special to go so I will probably wear a nice t-shirt and some skinny jeans.

One of the many things I love about Free People…. so many different ways you can make a beautiful outfit

That last mustache pic is so alive! I actually thought it was a GIF for a second or two. Great pics and outfits!