DIY Crystal Bottle Stoppers

As soon as I saw it, I fell so in love with this DIY from Cora of Miles, Papa and Me that I knew I had to make my own. Looking around my apartment, I noticed that I have lots of different kinds of bottles with cork stoppers, so I decided to make three different kinds! It’s a simple project, but it makes such a statement. Imagine having an entire table filled with crystal-topped decorative bottles at your New Year’s Eve party this year. I’m getting so excited just thinking about it.

Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

The guy on the left is a wine cork – I just don’t have a wine bottle to put him in right now!

What you need:
Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

Crystals (I got mine from Mineralistic in Philly, but there are plenty of places to buy them online if you don’t have a crystal shop near you!)
Cork stoppers (preferably ones that fit into bottles you own!)
Paint (I used acrylic paint from A.C. Moore)
A hot glue gun

What you do:
1. Paint your corks however you like and let them dry.
Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

2. Use hot glue to adhere the crystal to the cork, with the flattest side of the crystal facing down.

Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

3. Add more embellishments if you like! I had some dried plants at my desk, so I glued some of them to one of my corks.

Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

That’s all there is to it! Now just make a hundred more and you’ll be all set with décor for your holiday party. :)

Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

Crystal Bottle Stopper DIY

Photos by Brigette.

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9 years ago

These are so elegant with a touch of old grace. Love them.

Come check out my Turkey Meatballs I’m making for the holidays.


9 years ago

LOVE what you did! xo

9 years ago

Love them!
But isn’t it “toxic” (maybe an too extreme word) to use acrylic paint for closing something you’ll eat?

8 years ago

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provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that
isn’t the same old rehashed material. Fantastic read! I’ve
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Great post.

4 years ago

cork is best part of the wine but sometimes it is very difficult to open wine bottle and remove cork all the time…because all time or most of the time wine opener is important.. so there is huge number of wine stoppers available in market.. but creating your own wine stopper is something new…and specially crystal… I love crystals… and try so many time to grow crystal and watched so many diy crystal growing video using salts..but failed everytime… hope one day i will accomplish my mission of growing.. crystal using salt…great idea…

Nina Star
4 years ago

The Silicone Wine Stoppers Set are the best from Outset Grillware because it keeps you wine good because you don’t want the air to come out of the wine well the stopper does that its prevent it from happening and we have different colors to all the wine you have and everyone has more then one wine bottles right and we all love drinking wine.