Poll: Dress Code

This week’s trend Dress Code illuminates the season that is famous for its parties; whether it’s a holiday party or New Year’s Eve bash, a dress becomes your statement piece. Dress Code brings together our finest party dresses in shiny embellishment, edgy details, and soft touches of lace. Each and every day party dresses are on our mind, and right now we’re looking for a dress that will make our New Year’s go out with a bang!

It’s hard for us to decide which one of the below is our favorite from our latest look book, can you pick one?

Dress One: Spanish Lace Poncho Dress

Dress Two: Day And Night Beaded Bodycon

Dress Three: French Courtship Slip

Dress Four: Mi Amore Lace Dress

Dress Five: Beautiful Lies Dress

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10 years ago

French Courtship Slip is lovely…for sure this will be under my xmas tree!

10 years ago

Mi Amore is simply divine! A very sexy party dress, but could definitely be a throw on ‘everyday effortless’ piece depending on how you style it. Love!


10 years ago

Love the Mi Amore lace dress.
So feminine yet dark and sultry!