Accessories As Décor: Displaying Your Sunnies

I’ve always felt that clothing and accessories make for excellent décor. Home decor is an expression of who you are – as is the way you dress yourself – so why not merge the two together by displaying your wardrobe elements around your home? Right this moment I have boots lined up along my steps, necklaces hung on a decorative window pane in the bathroom, and a crochet shawl tossed gracefully over my closet door – which remains open so that the clothes hanging inside are forever contributing to the overall feeling of my home.

As spring draws nearer day by day, I can’t stop thinking about all the new sunglasses I want to add to my collection, and how I’m going to display them at home. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with! How are you displaying your sunnies this spring?

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

I love the idea of sunglasses hanging from a branch. I used some wood I found outside and tied some looped twine to it to hang my sunnies. I attached the two outside pieces of twine to a coat rack on either side, but this also would work hanging on a wall or from the ceiling!

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

Another way to do it is to just forget about the branch and just use a tangled line of twine! I love how casual this looks. It kind of looks like the sunglasses have washed ashore this way, tangled in a net.

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

Actually, go get that branch again. And while you’re at it, grab another one. I attached these two branches to the wall by hot-gluing a couple thumbtacks to them. I like how they act as little shelves here. This is an unexpected way to display sunglasses, and it allows you to add some extra little touches like dried flowers or any trinkets you’ve collected.

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

Hanging sunglasses in the window is another idea I love. You could do this in your home in the dead of winter to remind yourself that warm, bright days are ahead! Just attach a barely-visible wire to your window with a tack or nail, and hang your sunnies as you please. This is also a great opportunity to add in some more décor elements to make it more interesting. You could wrap a strip of pretty fabric around the wire or have your sunnies hang in one window while your necklaces hang in another.

Acessories as Decor: Ways to Display Sunglasses

I got this rack (?) at a sample sale a while back, having no idea what its intended purpose was, but loving it nonetheless. Is it a jewelry rack? Is it for photos? I still have no idea. Normally I have it displayed on my kitchen shelves with some other pretty, vintage-looking decorations, but I just realized that this would make a great sunglass holder, as well!

I’d love to hear what kind of creative ideas you guys have for displaying sunglasses. Tell us! Tell us!

Photos by Brigette.

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great tips – thank you!
I collect bird cages so I drape my jewelry & sunnies on my bird cages…


Who makes the sunnies in the first picture? Karen Walker? I’ve been looking for those exact ones. Love them!!

Alex Salvesen

That is such a cool idea!!!!

Love the decorating with sunnies idea..I always lose my sunglasses, or forget that I have them. This idea would put them right there for me to see them everyday. I am also obsessed with the light blue/aqua colored sunnies you are displaying!!

How great idea that you decorated your place with your sunglasses! It’s creative and also pretty! It goes very well with your brick wall, and I like you decorated with some woods and threads. I’ll do this too in my room. Thank you for sharing :)


I hang empty vintage picture frames and hang them on it (: