Acupuncture Diary, Week 4: One Whole Month!

It’s been one month since I started doing acupuncture. That’s four weeks, 8 sessions, and about 200 tiny needles in my body. Have I noticed a difference in the way I feel? Yup.

A month ago, I pretty much thought I would never feel better. I felt bloated and lethargic. I had an orange tongue, non-stop discomfort in my stomach, and I felt anxious for no reason at all. Four weeks later, do I still feel bloated? Yes, I do. And I still have discomfort in my stomach. But, you know what? I don’t notice it as much. My tongue isn’t orange and I feel more energized. Everything seems to have calmed down. That’s the best way I can describe it: I feel calm. I feel lighter; as if life is just simpler. Could these changes be all in my head? The absolutely could be. But if I didn’t feel them before acupuncture, there’s no reason for my acupuncture days to come to an end.

I feel that my road to recovery has only just begun, and I’m so excited about it. I’m learning so much and I don’t want to stop. There are many different things I want to try. Different herbs and methods and who even knows what else? This week I’m picking up an herbal formula that Jenny customized for me – for ME! It’s a toning formula that will address multiple different paths in my body, help with any pathogens that may be trapped inside, and hopefully put everything in harmony.


I’ll be back next week to talk about the formula. Until then, I’ll just be here, living my life, feeling calm.



PS. Remember back in week 1 where I couldn’t keep my eyes closed during acupuncture? For the past 4 sessions, I’ve completely fallen asleep. Acupuncture has become a safe haven for me – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have you ever done acupuncture? Leave a comment & tell us about it!

Photos by Brigette and Steph.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience for acupuncture treatment.Acupuncture is a very old form of therapy that derives from China, where it has been used for back problems between a numbers of other conditions

  2. I think it’s really great that you are sharing your experience. It is so interesting to see a different approach to healing that our usual Western medicine. I wanted to share briefly with you that I went the Western medicine route for bloating and lethargy symptoms I was having. All the tests that I endured ranged from gross to actual medical procedure with anethesia. I ultimately was diagnosed with Celiac. So now I don’t eat gluten. I feel much more comfortable in my belly. Since I wasn’t absorbing nutrients properly, I was also borderline anemic. So taking iron supplements and the healing of my intestine has really helped with the low energy. It has been a few years now. I guess in my case the Western way proved to be a good thing because I discovered I had a disease I wouldn’t have known I had. I hope the best for you in your journey. I am really excited to see the results you are getting are positive.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Elizabeth! It’s so good to hear that you were able to find the cause and that you’re feeling better! I actually use a mix of Western and alternative. For a while I thought I too might have Celiac, but I was recently tested for a bunch of things, and it turns out that this is not the case! So the search continues.. :)

  4. Brigette, this will probably seem out of nowhere, but try apple cider vinegar. There’s an unfiltered, unpasteurized version with the brand name, Braggs, that is popular. It’s an old remedy for many ailments, including digestive issues, and many people report good results.. A Google search will turn up articles with details, or search Braggs on Amazon and read some of the reviews that people who’ve tried it have written. Truly amazing. ;) Btw, nice blog post.. and good luck!!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Cary! I’ve used apple cider vinegar externally for face masks and hair rinses, but haven’t tried it for digestive problems yet. I think I’ll try it!

  6. apple cider vinegar *with mother* mix with A LOT of water and honey to sweeten, because it is strong!! and burns!

  7. You’re right, there are SO many many things out there to use, some great knowledge that Western medicine is neglecting unfortunately…I do acupuncture from time to time when I have the chance to go back to France, my GP does acupuncture, and it’s covered by social security as she is a “normal” doctor, that’s great! It feels so good I know, I used to fall asleep during sessions too when I started it, but now I don’t anymore, I think I’m rather in a state of meditation. I love it, I feel so balanced afterwards, and the effects last for 2 weeks each time!

  8. So nice to hear that you’re having a good experience! I had a great experience with acupuncture as well- I used to get mild headaches almost every day, and tylenol or anything I tried didn’t seem to get rid of them. I went to an acupuncturist once a month for about six months and they stopped! (I also took some herbs as well). In addition, I felt more calm and focused, it was a total de-stressor. I rarely ever get headaches now, whereas I used to feel like I always had one. I would totally recommend it to anyone:) Good luck with the rest of it!

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  10. Being an acupuncturist myself, it is important for people to know the reality of Chinese Medicine. The reality is that over 95% of Chinese Medicine doctors in China NEVER do acupuncture. The standard for treatment via Chinese Medicine in China is Chinese Herbology. Basically, whatever acupuncture can do, Chinese Herbology can do at a fifth of the cost and at around 5 X more effective the result. In fact, for “difficult” problems, acupuncture is NEVER considered in China.

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