2 Ways To Wear 1 Perfect Boho Belt

It’s rare that I actually wear a belt for the original purpose of a belt: to keep pants in place. Actually, that’s probably because it’s rare that I’m not wearing a dress. I love belts because they have the ability to pull a look together, they add interest to any outfit, and they can even transform the entire shape of your look in an instant.

In the past, I’ve been caught wearing two or even three belts together at once, and my all-time favorite is a double wrap, so I was pretty giddy when I first laid eyes on our Kingsbury Triple Wrap Belt. Aside from the fact that it’s beautiful and comes in five colors, this belt rocks because you can wear it at your hips and at your waist – and anywhere in between. Also, it’s only $28. Not even kidding. I wanted to spotlight this little belt from heaven today by showing you two of my favorite ways to wear it.

Kingsbury Triple Wrap Belt

It’s no secret that the dropped waist is in – we have tons of dresses that cinch by the hips, and we’ve certainly been wearing our maxi skirts there lately. Why not create the same effect by wearing your belt at the hips? Here I paired the Kingsbury Triple Wrap with the Peacemaker Print Shapeless Dress, threw on a pair of ankle boots, and accessorized with the Mello Thigh Hi, the Bonnie Hat and a statement necklace.

Kingsbury Triple Wrap Belt

It’s always flattering to wear a belt at the waist, and this way I was able to wrap the Kingsbury Triple Wrap a full three times! Yes! Depending on how you wrap it, you can have the buckle be at the bottom, the top, or in the middle of the wrap. I always seem to wear it with the buckle at the bottom – especially in this case, because I didn’t want it to be hidden by the necklace. Here I paired the belt with one of my all-time favorite dresses, the Gauzy Georgette Dress – in a new color! I put on some ankle boots, the Moon Crescent Necklace, and finished the look off with the Moonies Sunglasses. I think I was trying to convince myself that it wasn’t gloomy outside in Philly today.

The two looks I chose were super girly as usual. Here’s what I want to know: How would YOU wear the Kingsbury Triple Wrap? Leave a comment!


  1. OOhh Bridgette, love both looks you pulled together but the second look is sheer heaven! I must have that dress…it’s beautiful-looks adobrable with the necklace, belt & boots!
    nicely done chica.

    I just thrifted a blue black velour maxi skirt the other day…this belt would be perfect to wear with it, then a sheer layering henley…followed by a sheer long sleeved blouse half tucked in, layered with a sweater that hits my thigh…finished off with my rusty brown men’s beatle boots, my vintage black fedora and my favorite vintage pendant necklace, two rings and a silver cuff. Now I really need this belt….

  2. Ira – I have a few of those rope belts…that’s what I call them- they have have the metal hook and are a braided rope like material…small world.Your belt is awesome.

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