Look We Love: Denim Cutoffs

I think it’s fair to say that each and every one of us has a pair of denim cutoffs in our wardrobe that we love and wear to death. I know I do and they are my most go-to item come winter, spring, summer, or fall. The denim cutoff is so versatile that it’s hard not to wake up, open your wardrobe door, and reach straight for them.

There are so many different outfits you can create with them, from casual cool with a sweatshirt and boots, to a more going out look with a Victorian blouse and heels, also come the summer just team them with your bikini top and a pair of sandals and you’re golden.  There’s also the option of wearing them bare legged, with knee high socks and tights too! Every year I buy a new pair of cutoffs and wear them until they are ripped and ragged. This post shows our love for denim cutoffs and the many items they go with. Do you have a favorite pair of denim cutoffs that you love?

denim cutoffs

denim cutoffs

product: Eyelet Pocket Bag Cutoff, Viva Las Vegas Bandeau, Fairfax Heel, Galveston Boot, Vintage Sharp Park Sweatshirt , Vintage Embroidered Victorian Shirt, Daisy Trail Tall Sock , Alex Sandal


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Loving cutoffs this season, and loving the bleached bottoms. I like the idea of pairing tall socks with shorts. Lovely outfits!



the FP floral printed cutoffs fit so perfectly and are so comfortable! i love wearing them to concerts with black tights and combat boots :)