A Dark Rose Jewelry Display

It used to be that I kept all of my jewelry in one spot in my bedroom. All my necklaces and bracelets were hung on a little white jewelry stand, and my rings were in a silver dish next to them. But in recent months I’ve begun to display my jewelry throughout my house, incorporating it into my décor. I think this breathes new life into the jewelry, and it always makes me feel like I’m living a story every time I take a piece off or put one on.

I am so in love with the Dark Rose lookbook that’s on our site this week, so I created a jewelry display around the concept. It’s all about displaying femininity in a dark and moody way, which is an idea that’s been really sparking my interest lately. I gathered a bunch of antique decorations from around my home – ones that I felt fit the mood – and set them up with some of my favorite Free People jewelry draped and scattered about.

The next time you have a little free time, clear off a shelf or the top of a dresser and build a story that incorporates your favorite jewelry. You’ll definitely see what I mean about “living a story.”








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Photos by Brigette & Jana


  1. This is a lovely idea and exquisite execution of textures, colors, and theme. Thank you so much for showing us your creativity.

    I love to make dresser and table compositions of favorite objects myself, yet never thought of incorporating lots of different jewelry. One time I did use a garnet stone antique Butterfly pin within the layout and so I am excited to experiment with your Sweet Inspiration.

    More design looks like these p l e a s e…

  2. Everything in these photos are gorgeous, I wish I was able to recreate it, but I just can’t

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