Adventures From Echo Park, Via Our LA Designer

You may already be familiar with our designer based in LA from the Style File we did a couple of weeks ago and the feature inside her home. Well, now we’re going to have her send us little postcards from LA of the small adventures she gets up to and will be sharing them with you right here. This is her very first guest post! Enjoy as she talks about a Henna day with her friend.

One Sunday I had brunch with my dearest friend Myla Owl (don’t worry, more adventures with her soon) and she had the loveliest Henna rings on her fingers.  I loved them so much because they looked so pretty with the rings she already wore.  So after brunch she kidnapped me to her apartment so she could give me some Henna rings too. Isn’t it dear to have sweet friends?

LA guest post

Apparently since I live in LA you can just get these squeezy tube Henna jammers at the grocery store? Amazing! (You can also get your own Henna kit on our website!).

LA guest post

Well, off into a magical LA sunset! As you read this post, please imagine birds chirping goodbye to the sun and imagine the sweet smells of orange blossoms.

LA guest post

See you soon, darlins’!

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11 years ago

love henna!!! such a cool idea.

11 years ago

I live in Echo Park too… which grocery store is SHE going to!? I want henna jammers!

11 years ago