Essential Summer Add-Ons

At some point as you start to transition into a new season you start to think about the essential add-ons you need to have besides your wardrobe to complete your daily looks. I always find that each season I buy 5 essential items that I know will become staples to my everyday looks. These are usually accessories, a few bangles and rings I love and would wear every day, a great pair of shoes, a pair of flats and heels, a good jacket, and an easy item that I can throw on when I feel like having an effortless day.

When I have these essentials I find that creating a look is easier! Below are some of my 5 essential add-ons for summer.

Above, a pair of heeled sandals like our Gwen Heel.

summer add ons

An easy tee in a black, white, or grey, like our Ex Boyfriend Tee.

summer add ons

A great jacket that will make a statement.

summer add ons

A summer scarf like our Triangle Sattvik Scarf.

summer add ons

Stacks of bracelets. I love our Multi Stone Skinny Cuff and our Cuff Stone Double Set.

Summer add-ons are a must!

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Ready for summer for sure! Such great pieces!!

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