New Pet Project Items: Outtakes & Behind The Scenes

We have some new Pet Project items up on our site (including cat collars!) and we could not be more excited about it. As you may know, we have tons of adorable dogs at our office every day, so it was not hard to find models for all the new product. I’m especially in love with the good vibes printed collars – I love the print so much that I kind of wish I could transform one of the collars into a camera strap for myself. I’m also in love with the Embroidered Krishna Dog Bed — which is actually the perfect size for a cat, too! I was lucky enough to be on set during a couple of recent photo shoots, so today I have a bunch of behind-the-scenes shots and outtakes to share!

Tiny dog

Meet Cricket — the tiniest pup in the office!

Free People Pet Project photo shoot

Look at these very attentive dogs — I’m Impressed!

High five dog

High five, dude.

Cat photo shoot

That’s my boy, Ollie… just reachin’ for my face, as usual.

Tiny dog, tattoos

Blue eyed dog

Poppy, those baby blue eyes just kill me every time.

Dog, boots

Little Hoban makes the best boot accessory.

Photo shoot

It’s a little chaotic trying to get 3 pups to look at the camera at once!

Dog leashes wrapped around legs

Black and white morning crew

That’s a wrap. :)

Explore the FP Pet Project shop.


  1. Dogs are so awesome. I’m looking at adopting right now. I’ll be on this site for accessories soon. LIke that TP!! To die for!

  2. I’d love to use one of the images for a project I am doing who can I reach. Out to for permission? Thanks

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