Scenes From The Office

The office was beaming with color this week! From a pretty paper lantern birthday setup to colorful supplies in the display room, it seemed like there was a vibrant picture to be shot everywhere I turned. Take a look!

scenes from the office supplies

candles on desk

Cool painted candles.

spray paint cans

Spray paint cans in the display room.

patterned deer in sun

mirror in display room


lots of yarn

girl sitting on steps

dye room buckets

Dye buckets in the dye room.

hanging up top in studio

Product shots.

white fabric in window

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  1. Love all of these photos, I am drinking my coffee and just smiling – can’t explain it but it makes me happy looking at all of these pics!
    Happy Friday ladies —–>> <3 <<—–

  2. I really hope someone can answer this — where were those pink flower lanterns purchased from? I’ve been looking for lanterns like that for literally years. I’d really appreciate a tip if anyone has one!

    Thank you!

  3. Katie, I always see those pink flower lanterns at asian markets-either the grocery stores or if you have any type of chinatown in your area, that’d be the perfect place to find them.

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