Terrarium-Making Tips And Workshop At Terrain

Last week, FP Jana and I ventured out to Terrain at Styers for a terrarium-making workshop. Terrain always has all the best materials necessary for making terrariums (and they also have pre-made terrariums) – but what was awesome about this workshop was that we actually got to construct our terrariums at Terrain. This means we were surrounded by gardening gurus to guide us through and offer us their expert advice. The staff also happens to be made of cool, cheery people, so they’re always fun to be around!

We picked out our glass vessels and a few plants from the shop, and then got to work while we sipped some wine, chatted, and laughed with the other guests. This is actually the first terrarium I’ve ever made that was done correctly. In the past I’ve always skipped the first two steps (which are probably the most important), by leaving out rocks/sand for drainage and charcoal to keep things fresh. I’m so excited to have made my own proper terrarium, and I can’t wait to take care of the little glass-encased world I created. If you’re interested in making your own, check out our post on DIY Terrariums with Terrain!

Terrarium making station

Terrarium workshop

Here are a few tips we picked up during the workshop.

1. Mix your drainage layer up! You don’t need to stick to just one type. For a more visually interesting creation, you can mix different-colored gravel, pebbles, and sand.

Making terrariums

Pebbles, soil, and plants

2. When it comes to charcoal, a little goes a long way. Activated charcoal goes on top of your drainage layer, and it’s not necessary to completely cover this layer with it. Make sure you scatter the charcoal around, though.

3. Don’t crowd the vessel with plants. For a vessel the size of the one below, we were instructed to use no more than 3 or 4 little plants.

Terrarium tips

Terrarium workshop at Terrain

Once you’re finished, display your terrarium in indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight is too harsh, and may fry your little plants!

Use a plant mister to water your terrarium. This will do a much lighter and more uniform watering job than using a watering can.

DIY terrarium

See what events Terrain has coming up at their Glen Mills, PA and Westport, CT locations.

Photos by Brigette.

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This would be heaven for me, aside from my clothing obsession – plants and gardening are very dear to me! you guys are so lucky!

this looks like so much fun! I tried making one of these last year, but it didn’t turn out. I used seed paper to actually grow the flowers, but the flowers never sprouted up..it was a sad day…I think im better off using cactus lol


These are great!
I rememeber making my first terrarium out of an old clear pop bottle!
These are much prettier. ;)



When does the may catalog drop?? Any hints or sneak peak? :-) can’t wait!


May catalog?

I was at Terrain 2 weekends ago. I love going there for inspiration :) These terrariums are very cool! –They have so many different things to make them and they make it easy!

Was totally looking for this!! thanks for the timely post!


What a gorgeous & beautiful idea, I could do this with my daughters.

LED high bays

Wow! This looks amazing! Awesome Ideas!