How We Organize Our Closets

Closets are a very personal thing. Your closet contains all the clothes that you dress yourself with – and, for the most part, you’re the only one who steps foot inside it on a daily basis. I’m always so interested to get a peek into people’s closets. I love to see their whole wardrobe together as one, and I also love to find out how their closets are organized. Whether our clothes are perfectly organized or thrown all over the place, we all have some form of a system that lets us know where we can find that piece we need to complete our outfit.

Be sure to comment and let us know how you organize yours!

Jana’s closet:

Free People Jana closet

Cat, closet, sneakers

“At the moment, my closet is not quite up to par in the organization game, but my normal way of going about things is ordering all my clothes by style and then color. I actually learned that trick when I interned in the web studio last summer! I separate all my bottoms to the right side of my closet and all my tops to the left. I’ll start with tanks and work my way to long sleeve pieces, ordering them by color as I go, from lightest to darkest. I have a lot of space in my closet, though, so it is easy for things to get cluttered. My next project is finding a better way to organize my shoes instead of just throwing them on the ground in a big pile like they are now… whoops. If you have the space, use it wisely!“

A glimpse into the Free People studio…

Free People studio

Free People necklaces

My Closet:

Free People Brigette closet


I try to have my clothing ordered by color, from light to dark. That’s the general idea, but what really ends up happening is that putting away my clothes turns into an art project for me. Every time I hang a piece up, I take a step back and see how it looks in that spot, among the clothes that surround it. If it doesn’t feel right, I move it into all different spots until I’m satisfied. Then, when I’m looking for a certain item, the only way I know how to find it is if I can remember where I put it. A weird system, indeed, but it works for me!

Vintage shoes closet

How do you organize your closet?

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  1. Half my closet is hanging on the wall on hooks. So I have clothing hanging all over the room! I actually quite like it. Other than that I only organize by seasons, and then try to keep things like pants and skirts in one area and tops in another.

  2. Oh my gosh I’m OCD with my closet most of the time…
    Then when it gets messed up I spend a long time fixing it haha but when it’s at it’s best it’s color coordinated starting with whites and creams then rainbow order then brown, grey and black haha then it goes tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, short dresses, long dresses, skirts and shorts, cardigans or light jackets and heavier jackets…. (I have way too many clothes…) and funnily enough the only color not represented in my clothes is purple?! Which is weird cuz most of my room decor is purple!

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you could link me to the first shirt in the first photo (the red one)? I’ve been having trouble finding it on the fp website.

  4. I reaaaaally like an organised closet! Tops, dresses and jackets hanged, the rest goes folded on shelves in the other side of my wardrobe. Only my tops are arranged by colour, regardless of their sleeve length or style. I dress mostly in whites, beiges, and blacks, so that’s almost all the colours you see in my closet. Then the dresses, and then my jackets. I fold my pj’s on one shelf, then towels, jeans, and bottoms (weird combination!) on the second shelf, and my shoes on the floor. I spend almost a day every two weeks or so working on my closet, otherwise it becomes a big, messy pile of clothes on the floor!

  5. I actually try to organize my closet the same way that Jana does, but right now its a complete mess….I like to fold pants and put them on the top shelf, then put shirts in order by color from lightest to darkest starting with tanks and going all the way up to long sleeves..then I organize sweaters and cardigans and such by color separate from the others…I am obsessed with long sweaters and cardigans :) my Jewelry is not really organized, but I put it all on a Jewelry holder I actually made from a DIY here on :) and my bracelets are also draped across a diy I made from some toilet paper rolls wrapped with pretty fabric and then glued to a salsa lid that I spray painted :) as of right now, most of my clothes are sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be put away lol

  6. I have recently organised my wardrobe for the first time, by colour, and it has made my life so much easier!! I have little twins and a full time job so not much time in the morning, and this has really helped! Also my wardrobe is 95 % FP and the rest vintage and Spell & the Gypsy collective, so everything goes together. The fact that all FP clothes are great for layering makes it really easy too!

  7. I group things together by type: dresses, pants, tops, etc. I keep my jackets ordered by those I wear the most, making it easy to grab-n-go, and dresses are usually sorted by season/occasion (ie., the dressier ones are towards the back). My shirts I organize first by type (button up, tank, etc) and then length (short sleeve, long sleeve), which is what I do with my cardigans too. I have a hanging shelving unit that houses all my t-shirts and other shirts that don’t need to be hung up, along with shorts and my purses. Shoes are laid out neatly in the bottom of my closet, group together by type. I have so many shoes that it’s a two-row deal, so the shoes I more readily wear are in row one.

  8. For some reason I’ve never thought of putting my dresser in my closet. What a wonderful beautiful space saving idea! It’s going in tonight! Now to think of what to use the open space in my room for… ;)

  9. As a fashion stylist, I love the closet tips and pics. As a 40 something mom of 2, I can’t get enough of FP style. It makes me feel youthful and happy. Luv it

  10. It’s good to know that I’m not the only crazy one who moves clothes around until it looks perfect! If I don’t like how a shirt looks in a certain spot I have to move everything. I also organize my tops from shortest to longest.. Going from crop tops to tunics and dresses. Within that, I organize from tank tops to long sleeves. The most OCD thing about my closet is that I MUST have all the same hangers. There is nothing I hate more than having thin black hangers next to big ugly plastic ones!!

  11. Okay, what I really want to know is where can I find Free People hangers? They are my favorite!

  12. I go by type, and then in rainbow color order. I go from coats to jackets to sweaters to long sleeves to short sleeves to tanks to dresses to skirts to short to pant, and then shoes at the bottom. I’m really quite anal about it. At my dorm, everything is on smooth velvet hangers, so i hate coming home for the summer and seeing things on wire and plastic hangers. I had too many “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” days growing up that I decided I had to do something about it.

  13. I just recently organized mine by type of garment (pants, shirts, dresses, jackets) and each of those by colors. It’s actually helped me re-aquaint myself with items I’d completely forgotten I own!!

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