Pitchfork Festival Fashion: The Boys!

As I roamed the grounds at Pitchfork in search of festival fashion, I couldn’t help but notice how many boys were looking sharp. I decided that it would be a shame not to document their style for you all! Plus, I needed an excuse to talk to them. For the boys, it seemed to be about printed button-downs and shorts cuffed just above the knee. There were lots of tropical prints to be found, whether on shirts, pants, or sneakers. Enjoy!

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys

This ukulele tank was too good to be true. I love that he paired it with a printed hat, too!

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 5

This guy’s cuffed tropical shorts were incredible. The southwestern blanket in his backpack was just icing on the cake!

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 6

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 10

You can never go wrong with a plaid button-down, loafers, and a man bun.

Boy style - socks

These maroon boots, mismatched socks, and sky blue rolled-up pants were all so perfect together.

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 8

This guy looked polished and pulled together, yet fun at the same time! It’s no wonder he has his own blog: Chic Overload.

Boy jewelry

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 7

Love me a dude in polka dots. And check out that subtle thumbs-up he’s giving.

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 2

A leopard print button-down and army green denim. Yes!

Boy style - skinny jeans, boots

Pitchfork festival fashion - boys 9

This was my favorite look of all. So casual, so fashionable. White and navy and done!

Boy style - sneakers

And… how about these?

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8 years ago

Oh my they all have amazing style! Such cuties. I love when guys put effort into the way they look. And your favorite is my favorite as well! So impressive!

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Oh my god. I would have seduced that guy with the Adidas shoes, waited until he was asleep, and then vanished into the night with them, cackling. Those are the greatest shoes of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Also, my boyfriend has been doing the mismatched socks/rolled up pants thing for years and years and he gets SO MAD when he sees trendy hipster kids doing it now. He takes that shit personally. It’s hilarious.

8 years ago

I love the ukulele outfit. Very laid back and fun! ♥

8 years ago

None-hair not long enough for me-my hunny is Hopi/Navajo and has hair to his waist!!! Not to mention they all look too pastie white for me…

8 years ago

They’re all kinda cute, and their style is alright. But they’re not really my type, personally.