Voluminous Hair In 4 Steps

People often ask me how I get so much volume in my hair. Truth be told, my hair is naturally puffy and slightly unruly, so for me it’s usually more about trying to tame it down – but there are easy ways to give your hair a nice lift, and today I’m going to share some! It’s funny – after doing some research on this topic, I realized that I’ve regularly been following a lot of these volmumizing steps without even knowing it. Now it all makes sense…

Here’s how to get voluminous hair in 4 steps – plus some extra volumizing tips.

1. Start with a vinegar rinse.

Vinegar rinse

Styling products can really weigh your hair down, and a normal wash doesn’t always remove the debris from your hair. An apple cider vinegar rinse will help give your hair a fresh start, making it shiny and bouncy. Just mix 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 quart of distilled water. First shampoo your hair and rinse well with water. Apply the apple cider vinegar mixture and rinse with cold water after a few seconds. Refrain from conditioning afterwards – this rinse will keep your hair moisturized. You can do this up to once a week – any more may harm your strands, due to the acidic nature of the vinegar.

2. Blow-dry up and all the way through.

Holding hair

As you blow-dry your hair, lift sections upwards toward the sky and direct the heat at your scalp. This dries your roots in an upright position, giving them lots of lift. If you have curly hair, use a diffuser to keep those curls looking their best. It’s also important to make sure you dry your hair thoroughly. Even the slightest dampness can weigh hair down, causing it to dry flat. To speed up the drying process, get yourself a microfiber towel and wrap your hair with it for a few minutes prior to drying – it works wonders!

3. Give a burst of cold.

Cold air

This might be slightly surprising, but hot hair does not hold its shape as well as cold hair does. After drying your hair thoroughly with your dryer, give it a burst of cold air all over. This will lock in all of that volume you’ve just created.

4. Use dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo gif

Dry shampoo is my secret weapon. I use it almost every day, even on days I’ve washed my hair. Apply some to your roots in short bursts, leave in for about a minute, and either brush through with a hairbrush or shake out with your fingertips. This adds instant lift at the top of your head – and helps to protect your strands from picking up various debris throughout the day (which could otherwise potentially weigh down your hair). My favorite at the moment is Aveeno Pure Renewal – it’s reasonably priced and it smells so good.

Extra tips:

– Try applying conditioner to your ends only – this will help decrease the weight of your hair, so it’ll be more bouncy and full of life.
– Avoid shine products – they’re known adding extra weight to hair, causing it to appear flat.
– Parting your hair in a new spot offers instant volume because it forces your strands in a direction they’re not used to!
– Coloring your hair is also known to help add volume, as it causes your strands to swell slightly.

Big hair

Do you have any tips for adding volume to your hair? Leave them in the comments!

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Morgan B
10 years ago

Dont use the apple vinegar rinse if you have color treated hair because it will strip the color and cause it to fade way faster.

Also when blowdrying it is good to blow dry the strand up to give volume but just dont hold your hair up and blow dry that spot. that dries against the cuticle and can cause damage. Try instead to hold your head upsidedown and blow the hair downwards to the floor. that way youre still blow drying the hair up but youre not blowing up the cuticle.

10 years ago

Is that an FP romper? I love it!

10 years ago

Love this!! Thanks for the tutorial. Her hair looks amazing.


10 years ago

For me what Morgan B describes works best as well, upside down with the blow dryer pointed to the floor

Oh and Brigette you’re so pretty!

10 years ago

Wow, your hair looks great!
I need the opposite – I need some taming of my mane.


10 years ago

You have incredible hair! Definitely going to try the vinegar rinse!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Wow, you hair looks amazing! Definitely gonna try this!

10 years ago

Also if you rub the roots of your hair in a circular motion while you are shampooing in the shower, it increases volume aaand can help stimulate growth for longer hair! And it helps make sure your hair is sparkly clean :)

10 years ago

I love the advise! In addition to dry shampoo I use a sea salt spray at my roots when my hair is wet, taking 1″ sections and spraying the underside. Then I dry the opposite way its going to lay (upside down works too, although I need my volume at the sides of my head). I have very straight, long hair and getting volume is always a task.

10 years ago

Helpful! I have that exact dry shampoo, and I love it. I have thick, frizzy hair naturally, and even when it’s blow-dried, it sticks out, and now I know why! Thanks for this!

10 years ago

i would die for your hair! its beautiful

10 years ago

Such luscious locks! *swoon*

Your posts are always my favorite, Brigette!


10 years ago

Really everyone cant have the hair of what? an 18 or 19 year old. Pretty of course, but she would be beautiful anyway, shes young!!!!!

10 years ago

Brigette, I used to have hair exactly like yours. One day I had 16 inches lopped off and it’s never been the same.

My hair always looks the best on days I use a vinegar rinse, but no shampoo. Just wet it then pour the vinegar over and rinse with cool water.

You are a beautiful person! Love your posts more and more.
Cheers :-)

10 years ago

Or you can just put in hot rollers right after you blow dry your hair. Curl them from the front to back. Simple. Done.

10 years ago

Where can I buy the apple cider vinegar?

10 years ago

An easy trick is to put your hair up into a bun after showering.

10 years ago

your hair is so pretty!

10 years ago

Oh, wow, what beautiful hair! Awesome!!! Thx for sharing.

10 years ago

you have awesome hair! I have been doing a few of these and i do believe that where my part is, my hair is a bit more volumized rather than flat and the hair drying up (or upsidedown) is an immediate result which I love!

10 years ago

Thanks for the tips! The only thing I am confused about is dry shampoo. I went to a local drug store, and every single brand had the ingredient propane in it. Is this bad? I am sceptic.

9 years ago

OMG! You look so much like brazilian model Gisele Bundchen! Your hair is amazing! XOXO from a Swedish girl!

9 years ago

Hair dryers are truly a great equipment for hair. Hair dryers with its hot and cold features helps us to change our hair style like we want. I have been using it for some months now and I really like it.

6 years ago

A top bun for some time can give nice volume