DIY Oil Diffuser

One of the most important elements in creating a desirable home is having beautiful scents throughout. I usually love opening windows, displaying fresh flowers, and burning candles to achieve this – and now I have one more to add to the list: oil diffusers. I discovered that you can actually create an oil diffuser at home, and now I’m obsessed. You can customize the scent, the sticks, and the bottle to your liking. Here’s how it’s done!

What you need:

DIY Oil Diffuser Materials
A glass bottle with a narrow opening, essential oil, and sticks of your choice. You can buy reeds that are specifically made for oil diffusers or you can just go outside and gather some sticks! Dried and peeled twigs, branches, and stems work wonders. These things are naturally made to draw liquid upwards, so this is how they will disperse the scents into the air.

What you do:

Fill your glass bottle with some drops of essential oil of your choice, fill to the top with warm tap water, and put your sticks into the bottle. Use about 20-30 drops of oil for every 8 ounces of water.  You can combine different types of essential oil to create the scent of your dreams. I really love lavender and eucalyptus together.

DIY Oil Diffuser

If you want to further personalize this project, decorate your bottle! I painted one with light blue dots of fabric paint, inspired by these mason jar lanterns.

Decorating glass bottle

To another bottle, I attached a little piece of birch bark and a feather using hot glue.

DIY Oil Diffuser

These oil diffusers are so gorgeous and make excellent gifts! I love the idea of packaging a few of them together, each with a different scent.

DIY Oil Diffusers

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  1. I had been wondering if this was a possible diy every time I passed the super expensive diffuser kits in the mall. I am so making one of these this weekend.

  2. Do I have to peel the twigs/small branches, or will they diffuse just fine without peeling them? When I try to peel them, they just break! Thank you for the wonderful idea =)

  3. Similar to the idea of having a room diffuser if you take a small bowl of 2 parts essential oil: 1 part water and place it on top of your radiator whilst its on it not only adds the scent to the air but also assure that the moisture in the room removed by the heat of the radiator is replaced. :)

  4. Fp Bridgette, you are brilliant. Not only have you come up with beautiful designs, the twigs are WAY better than any store bought option. Thanks for the reminder of how nature works and for the lovely inspiration.

  5. They are so cute! Because of allergies I can’t use any smells by my self but one of my friends is a true Indian fan. I have to do this for her, her birthday is coming ♥ Thank you!

  6. I wonder if it works. I use the essential oils since a long time. You have to heat them a little tot diffuse tje smell of it. … Normal diffusers content lots of ingredients which make the oils volatile … so I doubt that this really works. Though I love the idea

  7. Love this idea! Just about to hunt for some good twigs! I love the bottle with the feather on it, but I can’t seem to figure out what’s holding it on there.. does anyone know?

  8. The ‘twigs’ idea is fantastic. I was so surprised that this never occurred to me!

    Small doubt – oil and water do not mix – so does the essential oil just float on the surface?

    The smell part of lavender is highly volatile, so wouldn’t it disperse ~90% in just an hour or so (, and thereafter it would be just a very mild smell when we are very close to the diffuser.
    Maybe the twigs are absorbing the oil floating on the top and that might give it a day of aroma?

    Please do tell me how long this lasts.

    Carrier oils to mix in the essential oils are normally expensive, so I actually love your idea and will be trying it out today.

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