How To Rock Striped Tights

When I first saw these black and white striped tights on our site, I was like “YES.” They’re so simple, yet kind of crazy at the same time. At first glance, they seem tough to style, but I think the ideal way to do it is to balance them out with a simple outfit. To me, that means sticking to black and white!

Striped tights

I like pairing these tights with a slitted black maxi so that they just peek out at the bottom. To keep it cool, I added some ankle boots, a black beanie, a statement necklace, and some bracelets.

Striped tights, maxi beanie

Striped tights, maxi, beanie, 2

Above: Talkin Too Much Maxi, Twiggy Tight, Capsule Slouchy Beanie, Buckle Back Ankle Boot, Compass Sundial Cuff, Hard Bangle Set.

For more of a cute look, I paired the tights with a black mini and a white peplum top. I love the way they look with these little black flats, as well.

Black and white

Black and white, striped tights

Above: Textured Boxy Peplum Top (similar), High Waist Scrunch Skirt (similar), Twiggy Tight, Etched Plate Necklace, Hard Bangle Set.

Would you rock these tights? Tell us how you’d wear them!

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  1. the striped tights are so in! must buy a pair myself

    XO, Frankie

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