Secret Hand Massage Trick

I don’t get real manicures often, but when I do, the hand massage is always the best part. We use our hands all day, every day, and it’s very necessary to give them a little attention every now and then. The hand massages I’ve gotten at nail salons are all very similar – and there’s one part that always feels the best. One day, I decided to pay extra attention to this part of the massage, so that I could master the technique for myself. It’s really easy to do, but it’s probably not a move you’d ever think to do on your own.

First, grab a friend in need of a hand massage! Start by loosening up the muscles in their hands using whatever techniques come naturally to you. Make sure you use a bit of lotion to allow for smoother movements and to moisturize the hands.

After about a minute, it’s time for the secret trick. With your friend’s hand facing palm up, hook one of your pinky fingers between their thumb and pointer fingers, and your other pinky between their pinky and ring fingers, like so:

Hand massage

Use your pinkies to push the hand perpendicular to the arm (so that their fingers are toward the floor), while simultaneously using your thumbs to massage the hand in outward circular motions, like so:


This combination of stretching and massaging these muscles feels nothing short of miraculous. Try it out right now — you won’t regret it!

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  1. you are so right… the hand massage is the best part of the manicure!
    I also love all of the jewelry in the first photo…

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