BLDG 25 Blog Love Awards: Last Call For Nominees!

Don’t forget to send us your submissions for the first ever BLDG 25 Blog Love Awards! Sunday is the last day we will be accepting nominations, and on Monday a Free People committee will select the three finalists for each category! In case you missed the first post, here’s a rundown of the categories and how you can submit nominees:

Send us your submissions one of the following ways:

– leave a comment on this post, including a link to where we can read more about the nominee

– email to share a story or image

– tweet @freepeople and be sure to include the hashtag #FPloveawards

– post an instagram and tag @freepeople and include the hashtag #FPloveawards

free people love awards
Good luck everyone!



  2. We believe that generosity feeds happiness, and that’s why we’ve put sharing at the heart of our business.
    In a world of ever-increasing complexity, volatility and uncertainty, it can be difficult to remain grounded in our pursuit of that most basic of human aspirations – happiness To find the path to renewal, we must have the courage to reconsider the very foundations of our past success. Such is the case with our core economic philosophy: Make things matter now. #MK
    Care Pathways is a non profit who cares for the elderly.
    Being a Social Worker has taught me a lot of things. I know without a doubt that life is fragile. I have come to understand that humility may be the greatest virtue. And I am convinced we need to take the time to say the things we deeply feel to the people we care about.

    I have also come to believe there are angels in our midst. They may take the form of a friend, a nurse, a doctor or a complete stranger. And on occasion, they remain unseen, a subtle yet real presence that instructs, comforts, and protects us. Care Pathways was founded in 1999.

  3. I’d like to nominate my younger sister Mary for the Wanderer award. I am the sister of the 3, living in the more “exotic” place but anywhere I go I wish I had a way to whip her out of my pocket and capture the moment on photograph. Her mostly foodie blog is:

    Thanks for inspiring us Mary and doing what you love! You’re great at it!

  4. I was in the Marines before 9/11, on the rifle range in boot camp when that tragic day happened. I started a PTSD page after my time in service. I was diagnosed with PTSD after my time in the Marines, which included going to Iraq. I was a MP and saw muchpain and suffering. On 10/12/13 my Son died tragically. This I wish on no one its a true nightmare. He was 18 months, I know he is in a better place but that is not helping. I will continue to fight isolation and Live, its so hard right now.

  5. I sent in like 100 pictures of my dog daisy the coon hound…I really want her to win. I got her back in April at the Richmond SPCA. I instantly fell in love with her when I saw her sad hound eyes. she was completely emaciated, underweight by 40 pounds complete skin and bones. she was infested with heart worms and hook worms, had kennel cough, and had been used to breed hunting dogs and then abandoned when they were done with her. she has come so far since then and she truly is my best friend. she brings me so much love and happiness and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love. all she has to offer is kisses, snuggling, and love. she is truly the best dog in the world. she’s been to hell and back and deserves to win!

  6. I would love to win the wanderer award. In the last 2 years I have been to London, Paris, all over Rajasthan in India and all over Greece. Planning on returning to India this spring. I have been writing an existential coffee table book that documents my travels. I also have a lifestyle blog:

    “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  7. Emilie Layla Lovaine for trail blazer and trend setter.
    Musician, surfer, fashion photographer, stylist and blogger. I love her!
    also she has some awesome ink ;)

    watch this video of her and you will see why we love her :) creative, hard working and a beautiful soul

    her music –
    behind the scenes of one of her photo shoots –

    blog –

  8. Emilie Layla Lovaine aka lovaine. Blogger, Photographer & Stylist, Musician, Surfer and fitness inspiration!

  9. I really like the sports bra in the second row to the left of the picture, is it available online?

  10. Already submitted a few Wanderer entries through Instagram, but I would love to nominate the Montaña Mágica (Magical Mountain) hotel for the Hideaway award! Right out of a fairytale, and located in the Patagonian rainforest in southern Chile. It’s my dream to stay here someday!

    I would also like to nominate Fonkoze for the Give Award! This micro-finance institution is doing incredible work, empowering the Haitian poor to create sustainable businesses and gain access to markets in the developed world. Please check them out!

  11. When I travel, I love to stay in a boutique hotel that showcases some of the city’s cultural beauty. This year, I had the good fortune to check in to two such HIdeaways:

    In January, I spent a week in Hotel Vertigo. One of the iconic locations of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo, its rich orange hues and winding staircases embody the quirky sophistication of his films:

    This August, I traveled to quirky-artsy Portland–my time at the Crystal Hotel made the experience all the better:

  12. I am nominating circus-magazine .com, created by Bianca Betancourt for consistently working towards inspiring and showcasing the generation-y mindset in mainstream media, whether it be through fashion, music, op-eds and more.

    A bit more about the site:

  13. AquaAid International!!!!! One in six people worldwide do not have clean drinking water. AquaAid is working to fix the problem! It is an amazing organization founded and run by spectacular, passionate, creative individuals. Please consider AquaAid and Sophie Hollingsworth!


  14. I would love to nominate Miss. Corina Brown at Wild and Free Jewelry for the FP me trendsetter award. Her photos display vibrate color and fashion to a tee! Every time I see a picture from her Instagram feed and on her blog, it makes me smile. I love seeing someone truely do what they love and have a passion for! I have a few pieces of her work and the designs are so expressionable to who I am. Please pick Cornia for this award!!

  15. Nomination for the Trail Blazer Award!! I produced, directed, and edited the entire video and starred in it. I also build the green screen myself! You may recognize a few FP dresses!! :)

  16. I believe Jade Castrinos should win Trail Blazor or Song Bird. She is so inspiring and a blessing to woman all over. She shows me how to live everyday with grace and understanding for others. When she sings I feel at peace with the world, like everything stops. I feel even though I have never spoke to her she speaks to me and others through her songs in the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Edward aka Alexander should also win Heart Throb! -but that is a whole other convo!!). I have seen them twice in concert and wouldn’t know what to do if their music wasn’t in my life. Jade is so full of grace and beauty! She is a true inspiration! <3

  17. Real Life Athena ( for Trail Blazer category

    Real Life Athena: A Women’s Collective is a collective of female-identified individuals who have come together to create a safe space for women to raise our voices, share our stories and promote further dialogue. This is a multimedia space where varied voices share diverse perspectives with the goal of promoting feminism, combating misogyny, and breaking down patriarchy. We work for a society where people of all backgrounds are empowered and ready to take action to promote a more just society. A platform for women to explore and think critically about their experiences and take action.

  18. There isn’t a more positive, inspiring, and lovable person than @yoga_girl. I don’t even know her, yet I feel like I do through her instagram. She is such a positive person, and expresses love and positivity through each one of her posts! She is incredible, and definitely deserves this award!

  19. Madisyn has a great sense of style and she always takes things and makes then her own. She has a free spirit and it she in everything she does. She loves her family and others and always tries to make them feel special and unique. She is one of a kind!

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